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Serai Lane is a free spirited art therapist whose passion for art is only matched by her adventurous bedroom activities. After carefully extricating herself from an emotionally difficult situation, she decides to flee her hectic life to the quiet retreat of a friend’s home in upstate New York. Here she meets a new set of challenges in the enigmatic Lee. He brings out in her urges that she thought that she never wanted: an emotional and sexual intimacy with a partner with a partner that lasts longer than it takes to put her clothes on and leave for her next art session-yet she cannot control her ever growing attraction to him. The fact that she is even willing to entertain a relationship with Lee scares her, but she is more than willing to test her limits if Lee is ready for her.

Please do not believe the summary as it is about half correct in how the story unfolds, which is very misleading and can take away from the enjoyment of the story. After having written that ornery sounding statement I need to follow it with a better one: I actually enjoyed this story tremendously. The writing was fluid and very easily captured me from the first page. I liked Serai as I found her to be intelligent, thoughtful, and unapologetic when it concerns her passions: art and sex. She is a well-rounded character that can seem very flighty in the beginning, but I came to respect and even like her towards the end of the novella.

Appetite would have been even more enjoyable if it had been two separate tales, or just longer. The transition from wild party girl to a woman ready to settle down with one-man was not as convincing as I wanted it to be. I am a firm believer in lust at first site, but love in a short amount of time is harder to take in-especially when you spend half the story going through one sexual escapade after another, which were fun to read but, in hindsight seemed like a waste of time. I wanted more time with Lee as I liked him as a character, but I felt he came off very flat and too perfect: he loves kids, can cook, the man even coaches the local high school soccer team. His story deserves to be told and I felt it was truncated due to the author’s need to focus more on finishing the story.

What I applaud more than anything (and not realize that I was looking for a story like this) was the relationship between (Serai and Lee). I wish the author had spent the majority of her time focusing on these two (and leaving the party girl past as a filler for spice), as I would love read more about how the dynamics of their relationship would have worked, or even if it would have worked out. The issue for me is not the relationship itself, but more that you do not get to get to know the characters and create an emotional connection which allows you to grow to like the couple. They are just thrown together and given a very nice ending, but what about the middle portion? The best part about any romance is the time spent reading about the characters falling in love. I wanted more of that than anything else.

Book Blurb for Appetite

Serai Lane loves and cooks with reckless abandon, but the sexy art therapist picks her lovers as carefully as she plans her meals, always on the lookout for someone with the right ingredients to satisfy her insatiable craving.

After splitting from her ex, Serai decides to take a break from her banal sex life and retreats to upstate New York—where she finds herself immediately attracted to a charming athlete named Lee. Intending to just enjoy a vacation crush, Serai soon finds the man is unlike anybody she’s ever been with, and she can’t get him off her mind.

No one quite whets her appetite like Lee—but accepting a lifestyle so different from her own will be a challenge. One Serai hesitates to face.

Inside Scoop: Serai’s experimental tastes aren’t just for food and drink. Her love life is diverse in gender, race and frequency as she jumps from men to lesbians to transsexuals, enjoying their differences—and everything from light drug use to golden showers—as she searches for her special someone.

An Exotika® contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.50