All Tied Up

Wendy and Peter are in love. They are a committed couple who understand and support one another in every way. Their love and devotion to one another in public reflects their love of having sex, the more and varied sex that they have the better that it is for them. One night after another vigorous bout of love making Wendy decides to up the ante by introducing BDSM into their bedroom. Peter being as sexually adventurous as she is immediately agrees and begins researching the subject. Enter Kinbaku master and local sex god Master James Darling. Master Darling falls immediately in lust with both of his new clients and wants nothing more than to add them to his personal collection of slaves, having just recently lost one of his favorite playthings. He does everything to them that they ask for and more. While Peter and Wendy are enjoying living out their fantasies, they find that their relationship with Master James has evolved into something more than just sex. The problem for the threesome is whether or not to continue as they began or are they willing to take the next step that will make their arrangement permanent.

Usually when someone precedes a scathing and sometimes thoughtless and tactless review about something they don't like they preface it by saying "I have to be honest" or "frankly speaking". In my case hopefully nothing I say can be described as any of the aforementioned adjectives. Frankly speaking I am really surprised I liked this story a lot. I have had a love/hate relationship with the BDSM sub-genre ever since I read my first book dealing with the subject (the book was Pauline Reage's The Story of O.) But I found at the end that this story was a satisfyingly sexy and quick read that anyone can enjoy. I loved the couple and their willingness to jump into any scenario feet first. The sex scenes were deliciously erotic and plentiful. The chemistry between Peter, Wendy, and Master James was titillating; I especially love the scenes between Peter and Master James. (There is nothing more annoying to me than when I read an erotic romance where the woman or man has to be coerced into being sexually audacious. It takes all the fun out of reading a "dirty" book.)

All Tied Up was a well-written fantasy that kept me engaged from beginning to end and I am looking forward to reading more from this Ms. Mann.

Book Blurb for All Tied Up

Wendy has a kinky fantasy—she wants to be tied up. Not just spread-eagle in bed, but with rope all over and around her body. She shares her wish with her lover Peter, who arranges a session with local Kinbaku Master, James Darling.

They learn that having sex at someone else’s direction while completely restrained is more than hot. Can they repeat their experience? Do they even want to without Master Darling?

As for James, he’d like to make their arrangement more permanently…binding. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50