A Summer Rain

This is my first story by the author and I have to say that the story has a lot of potential but overall was a disappointing read. It was a very short read that was full of clich‚s and predictable twists for this genre. The story line could have been good if the author gave the characters a little more time to develop. It started off very well, but as the story progresses the author spends the rest of the novel jumping from either a sex scene or unnecessary flashbacks. Everything that the flashbacks accomplished she could have easily put into dialogue. I found the Shana's quick acceptance of Robert's apology unbelievable and way too simple. I did not need him to grovel and wear a hair shirt but I did need a better excuse than the flimsy one that was given.

Another reason that I am not giving this a favorable review is the fact that this story is way too short. While I am not looking for War and Peace, I am looking for something that has a little more story between the sex scenes to keep me interested. I know this is erotica but it is also a romance and quite frankly there was not enough of either to make this a worthwhile story.

Book Blurb for A Summer Rain

Short Story - 7,700 Words

Shana Sanders was moving on with her life after the only man she ever loved walked away from her with no explanation. One rainy Chicago afternoon, she's stunned to find him standing at her doorstep begging for forgiveness.

Robert wants her back in his life as he tries to convince her that his departure had nothing to do with his feelings for her but everything to do with his bigoted father and brother.

Can Shana forgive him and recapture the love they shared, or will hatred and ignorance keep them apart forever?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 2.50