Your Scandalous Ways

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Your Scandalous Ways

(Fallen Women series book #2)

James Cordier is tired of his life working for his king and country. He is ready to retire. But, there is one last task he needs to complete before he can end his service. He must procure a packet of letters currently in the beautiful divorcee, Francesca Bonnard's possession.

Francesca has had it with men. Having been used and deceived by her former husband, she learned the hard way, never to trust a man and how to take care of herself. She is one of the most desired women on the Continent. Now she finds herself the target of criminals, and in the reluctant need of assistance to stay safe.

YOUR SCANDALOUS WAYS is a fast-paced entertaining story full of a delightful combination of humor, action and passion. I enjoy Loretta Chase's witty dialog and non-conventional female characters. I really like the fact that as a courtesan, Francesca is not your typical regency heroine, but I do not like how she continuously refers to herself as a slut or a whore, she exudes extreme confidence, and I found it unnecessary and sad for her to demean herself so, continuously. She is a strong, intelligent, passionate woman who struggled and succeeded to make something of herself in the world after her scandalous divorce. James and Francesca are a well-matched couple, both having a rather cynical view of the world around them, but with each other they are able to loose their cynicism and find real joy in life again.

On a funny note, every time I came across Francesca's ex-husband's name Elphick, my brain processed it as elf dick...and I would snicker whenever I saw it.

Book Blurb for Your Scandalous Ways

James Cordier is all blue blood and entirely dangerous. He's a master of disguise, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover—all for King and Country—and, by gad, he's so weary of it. His last mission is to "acquire" a packet of incriminating letters from one notorious woman. Then he can return to London and meet sweet-natured heiresses—not adventuresses and fallen women. Francesca Bonnard has weathered heartbreak, scorn, and scandal. She's independent, happy, and definitely fallen; and she's learned that "gentlemen" are more trouble than they're worth. She can also see that her wildly attractive new neighbor is bad news. But as bad as James is, there are others far worse also searching for Francesca's letters. And suddenly nothing is simple—especially the nearly incendiary chemistry between the two most jaded, sinful souls in Europe. And just as suddenly, risking everything may be worth the prize.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00