Through the Veil

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Through the Veil

The only way to penetrate the veil between Ishtan and Anqar is to pass through gates, which can be opened by the Warlords of Anqar alone. Though most of the gates have been destroyed, one gate remains between the worlds. This is a gate that must also be annihilated to save the Ishtan people.

Kalen is a warrior of Ishtan, willing to do whatever necessary to free his world from the Anqar invaders. He knows that Lee is the key to closing the lone winning the war, but can he convince her of her ability?

Lee has just been dropped into a world she thought only existed in her dreams. Has she gone mad? Is this world real? Why is Kalen so confident that she holds the end of the war in her power?

What is sexier than a dangerous tale filled with peril and passion, all wrapped together into an action-packed adventure? I was so sucked into the story that I am still trying to return to reality after reading this.

THROUGH THE VEIL works so well for me because of Shiloh Walker's excellent descriptions and characterizations. She creates worlds so real that I feel as if I can step into them, the inhabitants are like my own friends and enemies. Even though it is a war-torn universe, I want to be there to see where the fight takes me and to help the people win their freedom.

While Lee is a kick-ass heroine, I love seeing her vulnerability, it makes her easier for me to relate to and understand. Kalen is the perfect mate for her, he is strong and loyal to the fight of freedom for his world, and he has such strong confidence in Lee's abilities to save Ishtan. I love seeing that while he is protective, he knows that Lee needs to be pushed into to the danger to find her own strengths to win the coming battle. Also, I especially liked how I could feel his and Lee's love and connection to each other.

I cannot wait to read more of Shiloh Walker's books. She has a talent to weave stories that I become so engrossed in that I completely tune-out the real world, and I loath to put down. THROUGH THE VEIL was no exception, thankfully I had hours of riding in a car, where there were no real world chores to interrupt and only a few "Mom, Mom, Moooom"s to penetrate the fog I lost myself in while reading this! I really hope Ms. Walker plans to revisit Ishtan, I would love to see Morne find love and to see how Ishtan rebuilds, are there more skirmishes in store between the Anqar and Ishtan people?

Book Blurb for Through the Veil

A thrilling new sensual paranormal from the author of Hunter's Salvation.

Lee Ross always knew she was not entirely human. But when the man who has plagued her dreams her entire life appears in the flesh, can she give up everything she knows to follow him to another realm?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00