Three Nights with a Scoundrel

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Three Nights with a Scoundrel

Stud Club Trilogy, Book Three

Julian Bellamy is not who he seems. While the ton is drawn to his droll sense of humor and his charismatic personality. The ladies cannot resist the sensual rogue, the rumors of his torrid past make him all the more desirable of a catch, for the moment. He is ready to set it all aside once he discovers who is behind the murder of his friend Leo Chatwick, and finds a suitable husband for Leo's lovely sister Lily.

Lily Chatwick has plans of her own. She's been in love with Julian for ages, and is determined to make him see how perfect he is for her. She doesn't need a respectable spouse, she needs someone who can love and respect her, even with her imperfections.

But will his obsession keep them apart? Can Lily convince him that he is good enough for her?


I've been waiting for Lily and Julian's story since I first cracked open the Stud Club series, I'm so glad that I didn't have to wait long. Tessa Dare created two wonderfully complex characters that blended and melded so perfectly together, it just took Julian a while to accept himself. I loved his complex personality. The conversion from London dandy to a smart, serious businessman, made him incredibly sexy. I loved how Lily never once let her handicap hold her back, she lived life to the fullest, and was determined to make Julian do the same. The sexual chemistry sizzled between them, their passion for each other seared the pages.

There were a few times that I wanted to smack Julian upside his stubborn head, but Lily took care of him. When I first began catching clues behind the reason for Leo's murder I was a bit surprised, but when it was fully disclosed it made sense. I enjoyed seeing the rest of the Stud Club and their new spouses. Also, catching up with Claudia's situation, she could make a very interesting heroine in the future!

Tessa Dare is an auto-buy for me, I look forward to whatever she has coming up next for us to enjoy! 

Book Blurb for Three Nights with a Scoundrel

In Tessa Dare’s dazzling new trilogy, the men of the Stud Club live and play by their own rules—until passion changes the game.

The bastard son of a nobleman, Julian Bellamy is now polished to perfection, enthralling the ton with wit and charm while clandestinely plotting to ruin the lords, ravish the ladies, and have the last laugh on a society that once spurned him. But after meeting Leo Chatwick, a decent man and founder of an elite gentlemen’s club, and Lily, Leo’s enchanting sister, Julian reconsiders his wild ways. And when Leo’s tragic murder demands that Julian hunt for justice, he vows to see the woman he secretly loves married to a man of her own class.

Lily, however, has a very different husband in mind. She’s loved Julian forever, adores the man beneath the rakish façade, and wants to savor the delicious attraction they share—as his wife. His insistence on marrying her off only reinforces her intent to prove that he is the only man for her. Obsessed with catching a killer, Julian sinks back to the gutters of his youth, forcing Lily to reach out with a sweet, reckless passion Julian can’t resist. Can her desire for a scoundrel save them both—or will dangerous secrets threaten more than their tender love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50