The Pirate Lord

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The Pirate Lord

Lord Trilogy, Book 1

Sara Willis is a dedicated reformer, step-sister to an English Earl, she has been given the means to seek the fair treatment of women prisoners.  In an attempt to halt the unfair treatment of women being shipped to New South Wales, she disguises herself as a school teacher, keeping a journal of the crews actions.

Gideon Horn is known across the seas as The Pirate Lord, him and his crew are ready to give-up their seafaring ways to a landlubbers life with wives and families, envisioning a perfect island paradise. When they discover the ship carrying the women, they are quick to capture its cargo, thinking it would be the answer to their prayers.  Little did they know that there might be a few kinks in their plan.

Sara throws Gideon for a loop.  Her strong stance against him is unexpected, and unwanted, though he finds himself compromising his initial plans.  How long can they hold out against each other?  Will the island prove to be the utopia he and his crew are seeking?

This was a very delightful read, I can't remember the last time I picked up a book that left me with such a warm-fuzzy feeling when I finished.  The characters were well drawn out and balanced, captivating my attention, allowing me to visualize them in action. Also, I really enjoyed the premises of this book, pirates ready to settle down and begin families. Their big plan to seize a ship full of woman and make them marry, didn't go quite as smoothly as they had planned.  Sara's arguments with Gideon forced him to allow the women to choose their mates. Gideon was also made to see that he really hadn't thought his plan of a the perfect island home completely through, such as he had not planned for  medical emergencies or the fact that perhaps not everyone would be able to find a compatible spouse.

Gideon was absolutely delicious and Sara was very appealing as  a woman who knows what she wants in her life, and is not afraid to go out and get it. I found them both very likable, sure they each had moments of boneheaded stubbornness, but it didn't inhibit their storyline, in fact, it was an opportunity for them to confront a conflict, making them rethink their actions and try for more positive consequences.  I felt that each of them grew and matured with the story. 


Book Blurb for The Pirate Lord

A Splendid Opportunity

A shipload of women—theirs for the taking! Pirate captain Gideon Horn couldn't be more delighted. His men are tired of wandering the high seas and want to settle down with wives on an uncharted island paradise. And the women will surely be grateful for rescue from the life of drudgery awaiting them in New South Wales… Lord, he's so clever!

A Splendid Passion

Married? To pirates? Sara Willis couldn't be more appalled. First she demands proper courting—at least a month. The darkly handsome pirate lord gives them a week. Then Sara insists the men vacate their huts for the women—Gideon demands her kisses in return. As the demands heat up, so do their passions—and soon Sara can't remember just why she's fighting the devilishly seductive captain so hard…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.75