The Mistress Diaries

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The Mistress Diaries

Pembroke Palace #2

Lady Cassandra Montrose has always followed the rules, but one look at Lord Vincent Sinclair and desires flare, throwing caution to the wind; they indulge in their passions, never guessing the everlasting connection they would create.

Betrayed by love when he was younger, Vincent has vowed to never let another woman close to his heart. They are just to be used for pleasure and nothing more. Yet his one night with Cassandra has stayed with him, how can one encounter linger so sweetly? Can Cassandra teach Vincent to trust and love again?

I love a good "accidental" baby story and THE MISTRESS DIARIES absolutely fit the bill. Cassandra is a strong woman, who wants only the best for her little girl; I had to admire her for reaching out to Vincent's family in her time of need. She is intelligent, independent, and while a bit stubborn, not so much that she does anything truly stupid. Vincent is such a jerk to Cassandra at times, but knowing the heartache he has suffered in his past makes his coldness understandable. It also means that when he finally accepts his fate he falls hard for her. I love how we know exactly why Vincent is unwilling to open his heart and why he has made certain choices in his life.

When these two get together you could feel the heat emanating from them. Julianne MacLean did and outstanding job penning the tension and the subsequent passion between them. She also creates some truly wonderful supporting characters, that while playing a major roll in the story, never overpower Vincent and Cassandra...though make you wonder as to what the future may hold for them, though I hope we have finally seen the last of Lady Letitia, she is very annoying and unlikable.

Book Blurb for The Mistress Diaries

He told me he would treat my heart with great care. He was lying of course, for it was all a very clever, skillful seduction... The night I met Lord Vincent Sinclair, son of the Duke of Pembroke, was the night I lost control. I never imagined that I, Cassandra Montrose, could engage in such wicked, wanton behavior with a man I hardly knew. But in that fateful moment, alone in his coach, the passion I felt for him was undeniable, even though I knew that after my surrender I was unlikely to ever see my lover again. Until a fateful secret brought me to his door... I always believed my pride would prevent me from becoming any man's mistress - especially a rogue like Vincent, who cares for nothing but his inheritance. Yet I have very good reason to remain in his life. If only he did not tempt me so...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50