The Highland Groom

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The Highland Groom

Fiona MacCarran has been given the seemingly impossible task of wedding a wealthy Highlander and finding proof of ferries, in order to claim her inheritance.   Believing her chance of finding such a man slim, her hopes are a bit improved when she meets the smuggling Dougal MacGregor, Laird of Kinloch, the glen where she has agreed to come be a teacher.
Dougal takes his free-trading seriously, seeing it as the only profitable way to move his fine whiskey, keeping his glen and people free. His ability to slip by the Lowland excise men will be the only way to earn the funds to buy the deeds coming due on his land and keep the tourists away. Though to do this he feels he must make the teacher leave, not just because of her gauger brother, but also for her own safety, as he finds himself drawn to her.
THE HIGHLAND GROOM was a nice read for a cold wintry afternoon. Its light-hearted whimsical tone was sweet, a pleasant story to escape reality without getting in to anything too deep. I liked both Fiona and Dougal all right, but I had a difficult time really caring whether or not they spent their lifetime together. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly kept me from being more drawn to them. Partly because the storyline was a little silly for me, I was a bit put off with the whole “you have to marry a certain type of person or you won't get your inheritance ploy” and I felt that the presence of the ferries was little more than an attempt to bring a slight enchantment to the story. I think that the book fell short of any substance; it was more of a “fluff” read for me.

Book Blurb for The Highland Groom

Her time is nearly out . . .

To claim her inheritance, Fiona MacCarran must marry a wealthy Highlander, and soon. Arriving in the misty Highlands as a schoolteacher, she despairs of finding an acceptable groom . . . until she meets Dougal MacGregor. She knows he's just a smuggler, and yet when the handsome laird pulls her into his arms, she forgets about obligations, the law, and finding that perfect Highland groom.

He must save his clan . . .

Moving his finest whiskey—and fast—is the only way Dougal can protect his people. It should be simple, but nothing is easy with Fiona MacCarran around. He cannot allow himself to be distracted by the sensual schoolmistress. After all, a Highland rebel and a law-abiding lass could never have a future together . . . or could they? Soon they are caught in a battle between honor and desire, with the only victory lying in sweet, sweet surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.50