The Game

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The Game

(deWarenne / O'Neill series) - Historical Romance ~ Elizabethan

Katherine FitzGerald has spent the last few years in a convent, but is now ready to rejoin the world to find a husband and raise a family. Liam O'Neill, while a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, is known as a pirate captain. Liam and Katherine first come together as he captures her ship and decides that he must have her. The fiery passion between them is hard to ignore, but Katherine is not willing to give up her dreams.

Soon they are caught up in the intrigue of Queen Elizabeth's court. Will they be able to withstand the pressure court life puts on them?

The hardest part about reading THE GAME is that I am not at all fond of the Elizabethan time period. But because Brenda Joyce is one of my favorite authors and I am a huge fan of her deWarenne/O'Neill series, wanted to try this one out. I felt the book would have been better if it had less court intrigue.

I found the numerous misunderstandings between Katherine & Liam tedious at times and frankly I was irritated with Katherine throughout much of the book, having a strong desire to strangle her. But I really liked Liam; he was strong, sexy and had the patience to put up with her. Around the « waypoint, things began to pick up, and drug me in emotionally. I cried for much of the last ¬ of the story. I really did like how things were resolved, though I found it unnecessary at this point of the story to bring up how Liam had discovered Katherine, if it had been explained earlier in the story, it may have added more to the story, instead it just felt like extra padding, which this book was not in need of.

Book Blurb for The Game

The Players Released from the sanctuary of a French convent, highborn, tempestuous Katherine FitzGerald sets sail for her beloved Ireland—only to find herself prisoner of the infamous pirate known to the Elizabethans as the Master of the Seas. The Moves The pirate captain is Liam O’Neill, favored by Elizabeth the Queen. A hardened court player, he is determined to win the wilful Katherine while advancing his own secret causes. But now he must risk everything he cherishes in order to triumph at a very treacherous game—through heartbreaking deception…and by breaking all the rules. The Game has begun….

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00