The Bond That Consumes Us

Book 3 in the Eternal Bonds series.

There is a killer aboard the recreational spacecraft Damara, Tabor, a security official, is sent from the nearest planet to discover the identity of the murderer.   Fallon Reist, the undeniably sexy bartender is the link between the murders. Will his feelings for Fallon compromise his search for the murderer? Can two beings with such different backgrounds have a future together?
I really liked Fallon's strong personality, and how she wasn't afraid to act on her desires when she met Tabor. I loved Tabor's protectiveness of her, and how he just couldn't resist her charms. Tabor had some deep issues of guilt to overcome, I could understand his resistance, being raised to believe that his first mate was his only mate, he was unsure if he could trust the feelings he felt for Fallon. The chemistry and passion between them was so hot I felt my fingers singe from the pages. 
I also enjoyed following the mystery of the killer throughout this tale, I was never really sure of the true culprit until the very end of the story. 
This was my first book by Christine D'Abo, and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Book Blurb for The Bond That Consumes Us

Book 3 in the Eternal Bonds series.

Taber, Chief of Security for the Eurus colony, has a secret, one he is ashamed to tell even his closest friends. One he wants to keep hidden. When he’s asked to investigate a series of murders on a pleasure ship, he must come to terms with his past as he tries to fight his attraction to the ship’s feisty female bartender.

Fallon doesn’t know what to make of the tall, brooding alien who has walked into her bar. She’d like nothing more than to get Taber into her bed until she learns that Briel don’t have casual relationships. When a night of passion leads to a confession, Fallon can’t help but fall in love with Taber, despite the danger it puts him in.

When the murderer focuses on Fallon, Taber will do anything to protect her. Even sacrifice his life.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.50