Tempting the Marquess

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Tempting the Marquess

A Weston Novel, Book 2

Olivia Weston believes that she can bring the reclusive Marquess of Sheldon, Jason Traherne, out of his self-imposed exile, when she sets out to solve a mystery at Castle Arlyss. But her inquisitive and romantic nature may cause more harm then good. The headstrong miss may have met her match in stubbornness, as Jason is in no way willing to change his lifestyle. Neither of them expect the sparks that ignite not only their tempers, but also their desires. Can they learn to ignore each other, or will their passion overcome them?

Unfortunately I found little tempting about this book. I could not feel any sort of bond with Olivia. While I was hoping for an intelligent heroine, she lacked maturity and common sense. Her reasoning to “help” Jason seemed far-fetched to say the least, she didn't know the man, but she was going to invade his home, solve a mystery and find him love...and not feel like she was an interloper in his life.

Jason had good reason for not leaving Wales, his son was ill, and he had no desire to introduce him to London's air. Sure he was a lot on the overly protective side, but I could understand where he was coming from. I could also understand his reluctance to rediscover love. He did need a shove back into the real world, but I really don't think it was handled all that well.

I had difficulty believing in the romance between Jason and Olivia. I just felt that their chemistry was off. It was a very poignant moment when Jason dealt with his past. That was when I really began to like him.

The children were enchanting, and served as a great plot device, and I really liked Olivia's Aunt Kate, who was also Jason's step-mother, also a great device used to bring Olivia into Jason's home. But saddly, it will be a while before I pick up another book by Sara Lindsey.

Book Blurb for Tempting the Marquess

The Weston family series continues with the tale of a brooding widower and the lively young woman who tempts him to believe in love again… 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 2.75