Eternal Guardians, #3

The Eternal Guardians are back to save the world from Atalanta and her daemons...

Demetrius has always went out of his way to avoid close contact with anyone, particularly the fragile princess. But when Isadora vanishes, he knows he must save her. Especially after their last disastrous meeting. There are forces she nor the other guardians would understand that keep him from opening up. What will happen when his secrets are revealed?


TEMPTED is an action packed, sizzling hot book that never had a dull moment. From the time I cracked open the cover until I turned the last page, my butt was glued to the chair as I devoured this tale.

Demetrius put the "D" in dark, dangerous and damaged. Boy oh boy did this boy have some MAJOR sucking up to do to redeem himself after the horrible way he treated Isadora in the past. But I felt that Ms. Naughton aptly described why he acted the way he did, I could understand why he was such a loner and why he resisted Isadora so much. He had a very good reason to push people away, as many proved. But I felt that he more than payed for his actions to Isadora, and deserved to be rewarded with his soul mate.

I was thrilled when Isadora stepped up and began to show her strengths. She was such a weak character in earlier books that I was concerned that she couldn't cut it as a heroine. Fortunately she completely won me over as she stood up to Demetrius throughout the story, but mostly when she finally stood up FOR Demetrius.

This story was filled with some awesome baddies. We were introduced to Apophis, an evil witch who added a whole new spin to the Eternal Guardian saga, and Hades made a special appearance just for Isadora. Then there was the wonderfully evil Atalanta, who showed her devious self, as she threw Demetrius and Isadora onto the Island of Pandora for her own sinister means.

Being stranded on an island alone forced them to discover each other in a way that they never could have surrounded by others. The passion sizzled and popped between them, even as Demetrius did his best to deny what was between them, but Isadora would not let up.

Elisabeth Naughton has crafted a phenomenal series that I eagerly await the publishing of each book. I can't wait until Orpheus's story is out, and to see what kind of soul mate he discovers as he goes to avenge Gryphon. I'm sure we will get another great taste of the evil Atalanta loves to dole out, along with the diabolic of Apophis. I also hope there is a twist for Nick, he absolutely needs his own soul mate, as do the other single guardians. :)

Book Blurb for Tempted

Demetrius is the hulking, brooding warrior his fellow Guardians avoid. Too dark. Too damaged. For Isadora's own protection, he had done all he could to avoid the fragile princess–his soul mate. But Isadora has been kidnapped. And finally letting her into his heart may be the only way to save them both.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00