Tempted at Midnight

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Tempted at Midnight

Book #4 in the Mayhem in Mayfair Series

TEMPTED AT MIDNIGHT is an engaging tale, combining witty dialogue with charming characters.  I've been looking forward to Logan and Emily's story for quite some time now, as I noticed their personality clashes from the start of this series.  I could feel the tension and unleashed passion radiating off the pages when they encountered each other, and know that it would be only a matter of time before they would light the spark. 

Once Emily overcame her initial aversion to Logan and his “Colonial” ways, she saw what a truly caring and considerate person he was.  Just as he learned that she wasn't a spoiled princess, but a loving and compassionate woman.  I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow.

I loved the mystery behind Logan.  He followed some unsavory paths in his past, but was able to rise above it all.  Of course when his past past came to meet the present, it almost took Emily away from him, but they were able to overcome the malevolent situation. 

I also enjoyed that Sarah, Carolyn, Julianne and their spouses played a part in the story, not overshadowing Logan and Emily, but enough that you got to see  how their lives were going.  I always like revisiting couples from past books.

Jacquie D'Alessandro is always a solid read for me.  I enjoy her enchanting tales combining romance and humor.  I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Book Blurb for Tempted at Midnight

A desperate beauty concocts a perfectly outrageous scheme for success—and not only attracts the attention of the Ladies Literary Society of London, but also the last man she’d ever expected to tempt.

Lady Emily Stapleford never dreamed that the burden of saving her family from financial ruin would rest on her lovely, resourceful shoulders. Since she’s only willing to marry for love, and not money, Emily pens a story she hopes will bring her fortune—only to have it rejected by every major publisher. After all, what respectable reader would dare embrace a vampire heroine?
Not to be dissuaded, Emily generates publicity by attracting attention with a vampire masquerade. Overnight London is abuzz with the sightings. With renewed interest in Emily’s book, she’s guaranteed success—if it wasn’t for the mysterious American, Logan Jennsen. He’s on to Emily’s duplicity and he has every intention of using it to his advantage. If only he wasn’t falling in love with this unabashedly creative hothouse flower. And if only he didn’t have a scandalous secret of his own—one that’s putting both their lives in danger…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.25