Sweet as the Devil

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Sweet as the Devil

Sofia Eastleigh is an artist. She enjoys her independence to move throughout the fashionable world without the constraints of a title. That is, until she finds out she is really a princess. Becoming a princess is not nearly as enjoyable as one would think, her freedom is suddenly restricted, and it also comes with a scrumptious, yet very stubborn bodyguard.

James Blackwood is determined to keep the newly revealed princess safe from assassins. But can he resist the delectable beauty with her tempting suggestions?


Susan Johnson has penned yet another sensual tale in SWEET AS THE DEVIL. As a fan of Ms. Johnson's writing I still find her characters to be more than a little over-sexed...sometimes I get tired just reading all their escapades! Yet, while the story is filled lots and lots (and lots) of hot sex, the plot and the characters are not lost.

Ms. Johnson contrives passionate characters that you ache for emotionally.

The fire that flares between Sofia and James keep the pages sizzling. You'd best be careful not to scorch your fingers as you flip through the pages. James is super-scrumptious! He's protective and very ALPHA, but Sofia is no wilting flower to be tromped on by James. She knows what she wants, and has no qualms about reaching her goals. Sofia and James don't have an easy path to happiness; they first must overcome their own hang-ups and obstacles to achieve their Happy Ever After. I loved watching them battle their wills, as they are both very determined people.

I like how Ms. Johnson brought back favorite characters from the previous books in this series. None of them overtook the story, but they enhanced the storyline. I look forward to seeing them all again in the conclusion of this series!

Book Blurb for Sweet as the Devil

James, Baron Blackwood, and Scottish guard to Prince Ernst of dalmia, is charged with protecting the prince's newly discovered daughter. Having already met the irresistible Miss Sofia Eastleigh at the home of one of his lovers, Jamie knows the distraction she poses-and is determined to resist the incredible delights she has to offer.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50