Summer at Seaside Cove

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Summer at Seaside Cove

After a viscous betrayal by her own sister, Jamie Newman has had enough. She decides that a seaside get away is just the thing. But when she arrives at the cottage she's rented for the summer she finds that Paradise Found is not really an appropriate name, more like Paradise Lost. The landlord of the dilapidated bungalow is no where to be found, but Jamie is ready to pounce. Nick Trent isn't sure what hit him when his firecracker of a tenant finds him, though he must concede that the cottage has seen better days.

When Jamie's family drama follows her to Seaside Cove she isn't sure if she can take it anymore. Will her family finally drive her off an emotional cliff or can Nick help keep her grounded? Is it possible for summer love transition into happily ever after?


Jacquie D'Alessandro's first contemporary is a definite WIN! Ms. D'Alessandro successfully combined drama, humor and an plethora of emotions in between into a spectacular storyline. She created realistic characters that seemed to spring from the pages, as I could feel their rolling emotions and picture the panorama of events and characters while I devoured this book in one sitting. SUMMER AT SEASIDE COVE will definitely be put on my “keeper” shelves, as I can easily envision rereading this again and again.

In Jamie and Nick I have found two new characters to add to my favorite couples list. Neither are perfect, but they both complement each other so well. They have fantastic chemistry, that positively sizzled. I loved Nick's laid back attitude, but I could see why it was a bit nerve racking for Jamie, until she got to know and understand him better. I also loved Jamie's neighbors, they were a hoot!

It was great watching Jamie learn to live a more relaxed lifestyle, though her family still wanted to lean heavily on her. Jamie's mom was a basket case, but I liked the twist Ms. D'Alessandro added to her storyline, it was a very uncommon issue that most romance heroines have to deal with when it comes to their mothers. I really liked how all things were resolved between Jamie's family and her and Nick, it was a tiny bit over-the-top, but I really liked it!

I look forward to reading more of Jacquie D'Alessandro's books whether they are historical or contemporary. She is absolutely staying on my auto-buy list, SUMMER AT SEASIDE COVE just confirmed why I love her writing so much.

Book Blurb for Summer at Seaside Cove

Jacquie D'Alessandro's first contemporary romance. Sisters are known to share many things-but not the same boyfriend. The most basic "girl code" states you never date a friend's ex. So wouldn't it be obvious that a current boyfriend is really off limits-especially to your own sister? Apparently Jamie Newman's half sister Laurel didn't get the memo. Leaving behind New York-and humiliation-Jamie heads to the tiny barrier island of Seaside Cove, North Carolina, for a quiet summer of healing her broken heart and reassessing her sudden disaster of a life. But instead of solace in a cozy beach cottage, she finds a rundown bungalow complete with stray cats and a leaky roof-and of course it's raining-and the repairman is M.I.A.... Strays and colorful neighbors are nothing compared to her next visitors. First her drama-prone mother barges in. Then her angst ridden teenage niece arrives. And the grand finale of the crazy storm is the arrival of Laurel, who's been dumped by Jaime's ex. And of course there's the repairman, who's finally shown his face-and is way too attractive for Jamie's own good. It's clear there's more to him than meets the eye, and Jaime would like to know what, but the family she tried to escape now crammed in her ramshackle cottage, she may never get the chance...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00