Storm Kissed

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Storm Kissed

A Novel of the Nightkeepers : FINAL PROPHECY

As teenagers, Snake "Dez" Mendez and Reese Montana looked out for each other in the sinister gang world. Until Dez got a taste of dark power, causing him to push Reese away and eventually end up in prison. The Nightkeepers have run into Dez in the past, giving them little reason to trust him. But now things have changed, and Dez has a second chance, not only with Reese, but also with the Nightkeepers, as a Triad mage.

Can he live up to their expectations? Will his role in the prophecy lead them closer to the coming apocalypse or can he and the Nightkeepers come closer in halting the end of the world?


Jessica Andersen has added another riveting installment to her Nightkeepers trilogy. In STORM KISSED we finally get to meet bounty hunter Reese Montana and see a new side to Snake "Dez" Mendez. I am a huge sucker for the villain turned hero theme, and trust me, Dez was most definitely a bad guy. I loved watching as he, Reese and the Nightkeepers came to grips with his personality turn around. Dez had his work cut out for him to get everyone, especially Reese, to learn to trust him, and even for him to learn to trust himself.

Wow you want to talk about issues, Dez and Reese had some major issues they needed to work through. While Dez royally screwed up in the past, Reese also had some growing up of her own to do by the end of the book, she seemed to want to put all the flaws on Dez, not looking at herself and that she needed to change also. I felt that Ms. Andersen did a fantastic job showcasing their issues and working them to resolution. They perfectly complimented each other physically, mentally and their chemistry was sizzling hot.

I love the whole Nightkeepers world, as I've grown attached to quite a few characters as this series expands. I enjoyed seeing everyone again, and watching them work and fight together, as they tried to keep Iago and the Xibalba at bay. Knowing that because there will be a few more books in this series, that they still have their work cut out for them. In a way I can't wait for the end of this series just to see how the final battle will go down, but I don't want to rush it because I want to savor Sven, Anna and Rabbit's upcoming stories. It sucks that we have to wait until March for Sven's book, the next of the series to come out...but at least I know what to put on the top of my birthday wish list. :)

Book Blurb for Storm Kissed

When sexy Nightkeeper Dez goes rogue, the bounty hunter enlisted to catch him is Reese, his former lover. The sexual energy between them is hotter than ever-but the life-and-death stakes attached to the chase may pull them apart for good.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75