Smart Girls Think Twice

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Smart Girls Think Twice

Jake Slayter is an extreme sports champion, but after a horrific near-death experience he has decided to hole up in Rock Creek, PA, to search for peace and maybe find his birth mother. Emma Riley has always been the smart sister, feeling inferior socially to her older sisters good looks and outgoing personalities. Now she is home for both of their weddings. When Jake and Emma meet sparks fly, they couldn't be more opposite, as we all know opposites attract, but can they find a lifetime of happiness in each other?

Cathie Linz has created characters that just come to life off the pages of the book. She creates a story full of laughter, hot desire and deep unending love. Rock Creek is the type of small town that I would love to live in, with all the quirky characters that show true friendship. I loved Jake Slayter, he was absolutely delicious, and I just couldn't get enough of him! Emma was fun to get to know, and I enjoyed watching her try to resist Jake, and ultimately succumbing to the passion between them. Also, Emma's family was a hoot! They had their share of issues and then some, but I could feel the love and caring they each felt for one another.

Book Blurb for Smart Girls Think Twice

Where dangerously sexy men are concerned....SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE

With her job hanging in the balance, sociologist Emma Riley is back in her hometown of Rock Creek, Pennsylvania, for both her sisters' weddings. As if that isn't depressing enough, Emma also needs to stay focused on the research project that could save her job and launch her career. Her success hinges on sexy Rock Creek newcomer Jake Slayter.

Unfortunately, Jake wants nothing to do with Emma -- or her big project. He has his own motives for being in Rock Creek, and if there's one thing he can't afford, it's a distraction in the form of a brainy beauty like Emma. Too bad Emma has made it perfectly clear that she's way too smart to let him stand in her way. Too bad Jake has made it perfectly clear that he's way too smart to take no for an answer!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50