Siren's Secret

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Siren's Secret

Siren, book 2

American shipping magnet, Captain Samuel Stafford knew within seconds of his first meeting of the lovely Lady Olivia Yates, that she was trouble. But he would have never guessed the kind of trouble she actually was. Olivia is a scholar, a lover of words, an expert in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and, now a thief and an adventuress. Samuel is an intelligent and patient man, he's used to independent women, he works well under pressure, enjoys a good adventure, but never imagines he will become embroiled into an ancient intrigue to save the lives of those he loves.

Olivia is determined to reach Egypt to save her archeologist father, especially now that her very own life was endanger, and Samuel has the means to get her there. Samuel agrees to take her to her father, but isn't prepared for the feelings she ignites in him. Olivia has no idea how to deal with emotion. Can they survive the ensuing battles with pirates, bandits and ancient prophecies while also struggling to understand their own growing love?


SIREN'S SECRET is a rollicking adventure. There's thugs, Barbary pirates, an evil unseen villainous, and booby-trapped mazes leading to dark, dangerous tombs and ancient prophecies, everything you need for an Egyptian adventure. I loved the insertion of humor to go along with the tension and drama of the story. This reminded me of the movie, THE MUMMY (the yummy Brendan Fraser), only about 120 years earlier. I did get kind of tired of Olivia being so oblivious to some of the problems she stumbled into or caused, there were a few times that she probably should have died, or at least been gravely wounded, though I do get that she just had mostly book sense and lacked some well-needed common sense, though there were times she redeemed herself with some truly brilliant ideas. She's lucky that Samuel was so understanding and patient. He was an absolute dream man.

I look forward to the next book in the series, to see how those seeking the prophecy continue on their quest.

Book Blurb for Siren's Secret

SIREN'S SECRET is the next in the series and features Lady Olivia Yates and Samuel Stafford as they they make a perilous journey to Egypt to uncover the tomb of a librarian who engineered an astrolabe that some believe can lead them to an ancient realm and home of a legendary treasure.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.25