Sexy as Hell

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Sexy as Hell

Osmond “Oz”, Baron Lennox is a man who denies himself nothing, and enjoys his life of excess. He is determined to never attach himself to anything or anyone. But when he stumbles into the wrong woman's room on his way to a tryst, he becomes enraptured by the unknown woman.

Isolde Perceval, Countess of Wraxell, has concocted a scheme to deter the advanced of her cousin. But when her scheme goes awry and the wrong man enters the scene, things go beyond anything she could have ever planned. In more ways than she ever dreamed.

After a night of passion, Oz is strangely reluctant to let the lovely Isolde out of his bed. Soon he finds himself propositioning her into a temporary marriage to save her from her devious cousin, while enjoying each others bodies. But can they remained emotionally detached and just savor each other? Or can love find its way into stubborn and reluctant hearts?


SEXY AS HELL is a lusty tale of unrequited passion The sexual desire between Isolde and Oz was undeniably all-consuming. While I enjoyed every minute of them together, I was disappointed that most of their time was spent reveling in their nymphomania. I would have liked to have seen more interaction that did not end up with them having sex. I felt that the danger that was dealt to Oz should have involved Isolde more, but as it was it was a minor blurb in Oz's life. I was also disappointed in Oz's lack of fidelity, that is just one plot device that absolutely rubs me wrong, and for the most part I really didn't feel that it added anything to the story. All the points that came around his cheating on Isolde could have easily been done without other women, or at least without him having sex with them. It really ticked me off that Isolde just took him back without some major grovelling. I would have liked Oz to have opened up more to Isolde, he never explained to her his reasons and reluctance to open up to love and emotions, which would have been a sign that he was ready to trust her and to grow up and into their relationship. There were a few moments when Isolde's refusal to “take any orders” got a bit annoying, especially when it seemed it would hamper her more than help her if she would have just compromised and decided to choose her battles. I really liked the side characters that were introduced throughout the story, they were well written and enjoyable.

Book Blurb for Sexy as Hell

Gorgeous as Sin was just the beginning. Now, one of the hottest stare of romance takes desire one delightful-and unexpected-step further...

Osmond, Baron Lennox, is known for his luck with cards, and with women. But it seems his good fortune may have run out when a planned assignation with his mistress goes terribly awry. Specifically, he finds himself in be with the wrong woman. The potential scandal leaves him with one option: marry the lady in question. And fast.

However, Isolde Perceval, Countess of Wraxell, has no intention of marrying Lennox or anyone else. In fact, she set up the compromising situation herself to avoid such a fate. That's fine with Lennox, who never envisioned himself tied down to just one woman - especially one so headstrong and independent. Who would have thought that Lennox and Isolde would find something else in common - something that just might draw them closer to each other than they could ever have imagined?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.25