Seduced at Midnight

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Seduced at Midnight

Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 3

The Ladies Literary Society of London are back at it again, reading scandalous tales not deemed appropriate proper, this time it's a seductive ghost story, which makes the Lady Julianne Bradley fantasize about the intriguing Bow Street Runner, Gideon Mayne.

Julianne has prepared herself to settle for the suitable marriage she knows her parents will contract on her behalf, but it doesn't stop her from dreaming. She longs to be adventurous and to feel love before she must accept her staid life. If only she were brave enough to indulge herself and pursue Gideon.

A ghostly thief and murderer is targeting the ton and Julianne finds herself under the watchful eye of Gideon, who has been hired by her father to keep her safe. Seeing her only chance to experience desire, Julianne is thrilled to have Gideon as her bodyguard. Flares of passion soon spark between them, can Gideon protect Julianne from the marauder, while protecting her from himself?

Jacquie D'Alessandro has spun an entertaining tale full of mystery, laughter and passion. While I was kept on my toes wondering who the real murderer was, I was also amused by the antics of Julianne trying to gain the attentions of Gideon, and his attempts to resist her. The author did an excellent job stringing along characters, leading to a sexual tension, that dang near had me screaming, please let them find some relief! Okay okay, actually I was hoping that poor Gideon would finally get some relief, as Julianne was the only one leaving the encounters satisfied, uhm mostly. I was glad that Julianne was finally able to gain the most cherished of her dreams and wishes. Though it wasn't an easy achievement.

I also enjoyed seeing Sarah, Caroline and Emily, again, seeing how they're lives were moving along, without any of them being scene-stealers. They are all very likable characters, and I look forward to meeting them again and watching the sparks fly in Emily and Logan's story.


Book Blurb for Seduced at Midnight

Lady Julianne Bradley has always longed for wild adventure. Unfortunately, the man with whom she wishes to share her fervor can never be hers. Tormented by her desire, she’s preparing for a suitable marriage when ghostly occurrences straight out of her latest read start happening—and to protect Julianne, her father hires the very man her heart cries out for.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25