Roomates Wanted

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Roomates Wanted

Until You Fall in Love

When Toby Dobbs' wife leaves him shortly after their wedding, he finds himself alone in a large Victorian home. To stave off the emptiness, and provide an income, he decides to rent out rooms. Preference will be given to artists and performers, to qualify you must send him a letter explaining why he should choose you.

For 15 years he has been content with living in his house with his various tenants, never getting to know them, not really accomplishing anything. Just watching the time go by. After receiving a letter from his absent father, receiving an unexpected inheritance, and meeting Leah Pilgrim, the girl next door, Toby finally has the shove he needs to get his life back on track. Before he can move on, he must fix up his home to place it on the market and help his house mates find their place in the world.

Can Leah and Toby make it through the ups and downs of helping his misfit tenants grow up and find themselves?

What a great book! Lisa Jewell has written a brilliant tale about a guy who is finding out that he has just let life pass him by, and wants to change that, though sometimes he needs a little nudge in the right direction. I don't read a lot of general fiction, sticking mainly to romance, but something kept pulling at me to try this book. My instincts didn't fail me, this is a light read full of humor and realization. Their were many sweet moments as we got to know Leah, Toby and his tenants. I was concerned that Toby would not be able to get the tenants to move on with their lives, allowing him to move on also, but was please with the resolutions.

I will be looking for more of Lisa Jewell's books to enjoy in the future.

Book Blurb for Roomates Wanted

1990. Please write and tell me why you should live here.

Toby Dobbs received a big Victorian house with too many bedrooms to count as a wedding present from his father, but his marriage is over within a month. Very alone, and very lonely, Toby posts an advertisement seeking the "Unexpectedly Alone" to become his roommates. Fifteen years later the wayward souls he takes in are still living with him, with no intention of leaving.

2004. Please tell me how I can convince you to move out.

Toby Dobbs has met Leah Pilgrim from across the road, and they're falling in love. But before they can begin a new life together, Toby and Leah must help Toby's house of sweet slackers and lovelorn misfits grow up, solve their problems, and set themselves free. But can their new relationship survive the test?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00