Red Heat

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Red Heat

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Julie Severin hates all things Russian, since it was the Russians that killed her father. As a CIA analyst, she works mostly behind a desk, studying Chinese intel. Now her superiors are assigning her on a Top Secret undercover case to find a missing micro card filled with Chinese design secrets.

Captain Nikolai Romanov knows there is more to the beautiful reporter than she is saying. Can he discover all her secrets?


Well, I'll start with the good. I loved the awesomely unique setting of this book. I have never read a book where the majority of the story took place on a submarine. Nikolai was absolutely delicious, and I gobbled up the pages just for glimpses of him. And I will admit that the sizzling heat between Julie and Nikolai steamed up the book, as I was interested in their storyline and romance, but...

The bad, which completely took me out of the story and made me so frustrated was that Julie was a twit. This woman had so little sense. She has got to be the worst spy ever. I understand that she was thrust into the undercover situation with little to no training, which made this part of the book so unbelievable, and just made me cringe. She couldn't keep a secret, she pretty much told Nikolai everything with barely any prompting. I just couldn't take her.

Now despite all of that the writing wasn't bad-just Julie was. I am looking forward to Clint Walker's story this winter. I only hope he gets a smarter heroine than Nikolai.

Book Blurb for Red Heat

CIA analyst Julie Severin poses as a reporter aboard a Russian submarine-only to be unexpectedly reunited with Captain Nikolai Romanov, with whom she had a sizzling encounter just the night before.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.00