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Historical Romance (Georgian England)

Lady Bronwyn Edana is one of the celebrated "Sirens of Ireland", the plain one. Adam Keane, Lord Rawson, is a hard man who feels he needs a wife for one reason, respectability. He wants society to look at him as an equal, not as the son of traitor. He is expecting a beautiful, vapid woman. What he gets is the exact opposite. Not that Bronwyn isn't beautiful, just that she does not look like her sisters. Soon Adam sees her as she really is, desiring to be with her and to show her how much he wants her. But after misunderstanding something she overhears, Bronwyn runs away. When Adam finds her, he is determined win her over. But will she let him?

There are many aspects of this book that I loved. I really think that Bronwyn and Adam are a great couple, she is able to pull him away from his grim outlook on people and society, while he shows her that she is a beautiful, intelligent woman. Though, I could not get over my annoyance at certain characteristics of Bronwyn and Adam.

I don't expect or want perfect heroines/heroes, but I can't stand it when they are continuously complaining about how they are unacceptable to others (in their own minds) because of their "flaws". Bronwyn is so hung up on her "lack" of good looks that she refuses to see how beautiful she really is, just not in the same way as her sisters. There are moments that she seems to find the confidence that she needs, but then she reverts back to comparing herself to her sisters. Adam suffers the insecurity of feeling he will never be good enough for anyone because of the past sins of his father. I find it to be very distracting to the storyline.

Christina Dodd is one of my favorite authors; sadly, PRICELESS is not one of my favorite books by her. This is one of her earlier published novels, and as I have read and loved many of her later published books, this will not stop me from buying and reading more of her future work. I guess it is hard to love EVERYTHING by an author.

Book Blurb for Priceless

In a World of Wealth and Privilege, Their Love was Priceless She was one of the celebrated Sirens of Ireland, a captivating creature of fiery spirit. Bronwyn Edana stunned titled society with her courageous exploits and daring adventures. Yet in nobleman Adam Keane, she met her match. From the moment they first clashed, the headstrong Bronwyn was swept away by A breathless desire. Betrothed to Adam, a man branded by his haunting past, Bronwyn soon found herself at the center of a shocking conspiracy that could rock the British realm. From the dangerous streets of London, to sweeping Boudasea Manor, she followed her most passionate dreams--and risked everything for the only man she would ever love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50