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A Dark Age Dawning Novel, #1

When Jenna is kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin, she is not surprised that her mysterious abductor is fulfilling a promise to her crackpot father. What does shock her is the indisputable proof that maybe her dad wasn't crazy with his preaching of the end of the world .

Mason will do whatever is necessary to save Jenna, his repayment to the man who saved his life. He has the perfect plan to keep them safe throughout the change and the coming winter. Their confinement forces them to realize a mutual attraction, one they are not yet ready to face.

Until five strangers stumble into their shelter searching for safety from the chaos that was once their world. Unable to leave them to the ferocious demon dogs populating the world, they find themselves seeking a new haven.

As the mystical forces change them, can Jenna & Mason learn to trust their instincts in each other and themselves? Will they continue to ignore their flaring desires or will it help them keep their sanity throughout the bleak winter? But most importantly, can they survive the New Dark Age?


Ellen Connor, the fantastic collaboration of authors Ann Aguirre/Ava Gray and Carrie Lofty, debuts a novel that successfully sucked me into the vortex of a fascinating new series. NIGHTFALL was an extraordinary introduction to a new post-Apocalyptic mythical world.

Jenna and Mason's chemistry was explosive, not only sexually, but also their personalities as they learned the keys of working together. Mason's unexpected vulnerability, added an emotional complexity to his otherwise stoic personality, making him more realistic and likeable. I liked that while Jenna showed a few bouts of stubbornness, she was intelligent enough to get over herself, and listen to reason. She knew that Mason was truly thinking of what was best for everyone, not just himself...most times. They had so much to learn about each other and about their new world. While they did that I found that theirs was a love that I could believe in being everlasting.

I loved all of the characters introduced throughout this book. They were so completely fleshed out that I found it easy to picture them as they strived to work together toward survival. I liked the dark edge of this book, as not everyone would survive. The demon dogs were truly menacing, and I loved the explanation for their transformation and that of the other mystical creatures.

This was a book that I just could NOT put down, and once it was over, all I could think was that I cannot wait to re-enter the New Dark Ages! I hope that we can see what the future has in store for Welsh, Tru and Penny.

Book Blurb for Nightfall

First in a stunning new post-apocalyptic paranormal romance trilogy.

Growing up with an unstable, often absent father who preached about the end of the world, Jenna never thought in her wildest nightmares that his predictions would come true. Or that he would have a plan in place to save her--one that includes the strong, stoic man who kidnaps and takes her to a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest.

The mysterious ex-soldier named Mason owes a life-debt to Jenna's father. Skilled and steadfast, he's ready for the prophesied Change, but Jenna proves tough to convince. Until the power grid collapses and mutant dogs attack--vicious things that reek of nature gone wrong.

When five strangers appear, desperate to escape the bloodthirsty packs, Jenna defies her protector and rescues them. As technology fails and the old world falls away, Jenna changes too, forever altered by supernatural forces. To fight for their future, she and Mason must learn to trust their instinctive passion--a flame that will see them through the bitter winter, the endless nights, and the violence of a new Dark Age.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00