Never Dare a Duke

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Never Dare a Duke

Scandal's Sons, Book 2

Abigail Shaw is desperate to save her family newspaper, and the only way she can think to raise the circulation of the paper is to write a lurid story about London’s most impeccable duke, Christopher Cabot, the Duke of Madingley. First though, she must find something scandalous in his past to report. Soon she finds herself at the Duke’s home, pretending a romance between them to keep the marriage minded misses at bay, hoping she can get a more intimate glimpse of the man she plans to expose. Can she uncover his secrets to save her family, without ruining herself in the process?
I found NEVER DARE A DUKE to be and easy-going, light-hearted read, the characters where entertaining and likable, though the story lacked any real depth. Some of Abigail’s antics were rather silly. But as I was in the mood for a light read, I wasn’t bothered with the goofy and rather unbelievable behaviors she exhibited. I wish that the ghost story had been pursued a little more, as I felt that could have brought some more emotion to the story, especially as it tied into Chris’ “hobby”.
I felt that Chris should have been a little more upset with Abigail for the lies she told, but the “punishment” for her dishonesty was cold, though way to easily forgiven, which really bothered me on both ends. I could understand Chris’ anger, but really, Abigail should not have been “alright” with it the next day, and in fact, her admitting to liking the punishment, really rubbed me wrong, maybe because I felt the whole encounter was just badly done. I did think that everything fell together a little too neatly towards the ending of the story, but I still enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for Never Dare a Duke

"Scandal's Sons" is my new trilogy set in the 1840s about three scandalous male cousins. I hope to do the next trilogy, "Scandal's Daughters," to encompass their three female cousins. I wanted to explore what it would be like to come from scandalous parents and grandparents, and either live up to that history or try to change their lives for the better. I thought of how three very different men would respond to notoriety. One becomes a scoundrel to outdo his parents (Never Trust a Scoundrel, April 2008), the next cousin becomes the perfect duke after overcoming tragedy, (Never Dare a Duke, January 2009) and the third cousin enters the army to escape it all. In the first two books, everyone thinks this cousin is dead, but he's going to return with a vengeance.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75