Love's Choice

A detour, a small town police officer, and a herd of goats lead Claire to more choices than what direction to turn to get back on the freeway. Claire is heading for a weekend at a spa resort in the Georgia wilderness, a place where she can relax and concentrate on what direction she wants her airbrush design business to go. Does she want to sell out to a big corporate company, or keep all of her designs her own?

Coll really isn't sure where he wants his life to go. He is content with his charter fishing business, but knows that it isn't enough. When he spots Claire and her fancy sports car, pulled over by the local police officer, he can't help but hope his life is going to get a little more interesting. Events keep Claire in the small town, allowing her and Coll to really get to know one another. And giving her more options to choose what path she wants her life to follow.

Love's Choice was an ok read for me, I liked Claire and Coll and the other characters of Haisville, GA, but I just couldn't completely connect with them. I'm not sure what held me back. Someone who loves contemporary erotica would like this book for it's interesting style of writing. The characters and setting were remarkable.

Book Blurb for Love's Choice

Claire is at a fork in the road. Literally. Having been forced onto an interstate detour, she decides to head in the opposite direction. Quicker than she can say "goats in the road" and "damn, that tree looks close", Claire finds herself stranded.

Coll isn't prepared for the raw attraction between him and the sports-car-driving damsel in distress. But being a true son of Dixie he's more than ready to offer her his assistance, complete with a brand of pure Southern hospitality all his own.

Beneath Coll's lips and hands, the hot Georgia nights turn steamier than Claire ever imagined and before long she realizes that history has it all very wrong. The South can surely rise again. And again…and again…and again!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00