Knock Three Times

Montgomery French is desperate for a change. Her live-in boyfriend has been avoiding her for months now, her self-esteem and, more importantly, her libido just can't take it much longer. When security specialist Ballantyne Teague spots Montie's failed attempt to seduce her boyfriend, while on stakeout to catch a neighborhood thief, he knows that he has to have her. Montie believes Tyne is the burglar, and he is ready to feed into the fantasy, though he knows that he will eventually need to tell her the truth, and catch the real crook. Can the relationship survive when the truth comes out?
While the passion between Montie and Tyne burned red hot, I felt that the depth of their emotion for each other, after they'd had sex a couple of times, without really speaking to each other, annoying. I liked Montie and Tyne, I just wish that Ms. Jones had not rushed to the discovery of “I love him/her” moment, because, for me, I need the characters to actually have some basic conversations or interactions outside of intimate relations before I'm ready to experience such significant feelings. I like to watch the relationship grow more between characters. I liked the code between them where Tyne would knock three times before entering, giving Montie a nice little thrill every time she heard it. I thought that the punishment given to the villain was well deserved, though I felt he should have suffered a bit longer for what he wanted to do to Montie.

Book Blurb for Knock Three Times

In a case of mistaken identity, Montgomery French thinks security expert Ballantyne Teague is the local bad boy. He turns her boring life upside down and she likes it.

Ballantyne has every intention of confessing the truth to Montie when the time is right. He has two objectives. The first is to make Montie fall hopelessly in love with him. The second is to catch the real burglar.

But Ballantyne is not the only one caught up in Montie's life. Her ex-boyfriend has a secret that will shock her and a real bad boy lusts after her.

Reader Advisory: Contains a brief scene of explicit male/male interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00