Kissing Comfort

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Kissing Comfort

When Bram DeLong suprises Comfort Kennedy-and everyone around them- with the announcement of their engagement, Comfort agrees to go along with the ruse, after all he is one of her dearest friends.

Bode DeLong is sure that his charming brother is up to no good. He sets out to convince Comfort that she chose the wrong brother, and his are the arms she belongs in.


Comfort Kennedy knows that Bram DeLong is using her, she just isn't sure what his angle is. She has held a tender for him for years, but she is realistic enough to know that his feelings aren't the same, though of course she has a smattering of hope that he could change. When Bram's brother Bode steps in to the picture Comfort soon finds that maybe there is a more interesting DeLong.

I thought that Bode and Comfort's developing relationship was very enchanting. Comfort was a very forward thinking woman, not one to wait around for dreams and fairy tales. She worked with her two uncles Newt and Tuck, in their bank and had a rather unconventional upbringing.

Bode wasn't sure how he would woo Comfort. He's watched her from afar for years, but now has decided to step up to the plate, and try to win her heart. Bode has always been the serious and responsible brother, while Bram was the charmer. He has the confidence that he can spin things in his direction, but he's going to have to work for it.

I loved the emotion and suspense thrown into the book with the mystery of Comfort's past and the terrifying ordeal she was almost forced to face. There was a scene that could have compromised the book greatly for me, but fortunately was moved into a direction that kept the book moving forward.

Jo Goodman is one of my favorite authors and is one the few historical romance writers that still sets her books in America, which is one of my favorite historical settings no matter what era. I absolutely adored her latest book, KISSING COMFORT, where she has spun a gripping tale that absorbed me to the very end.

Book Blurb for Kissing Comfort

Bode DeLong knows that his playboy brother Bram isn't really in love with Miss Comfort Kennedy, even though it's clear that she's enamored with him. With Bram's motives for the engagement suspect, Bode figures the safest place for Comfort to be is in his arms. Now, Bode just needs to convince Comfort that the childhood fancy she has for his brother is no match for the incredible desire that sparks between them every time they touch.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50