Ice : A Novel

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Ice : A Novel

Just home on leave from the Army, Gabriel McQueen is anxious to see his young son. But first he must climb the mountain to rescue the most stubborn woman he's ever know from a incoming ice storm. Lolly Helton is not unaware of the danger, but as she tries to leave for the safety of town, she is waylaid by two drug addicted lunatics who are determined to rob her and possibly more. Never has she been so happy to see her biggest high school adversary. But nothing comes easy as they try to escape the kidnappers in a landscape covered in ice. As they depend on each other, they also learn that their feelings may run deeper than either would have ever explored otherwise. Can they escape to safety to investigate the depth of their feelings?


While ICE is a wonderful story, packed with action, adventure and romance, I would not have paid the $22.00 hardcover price. Living in state that the unemployment rate tops 15%, I'm very frugal with my money, and paying that kind of money for a book the length of most category romances just doesn't make any sense, no matter how much I liked it, and I really did like it.

Gabriel and Lolly were not friends through high school, they haven't seen each other in 15 years, but from the time they meet in ICE, they are able to put everything behind them and work together. There were no moments of stupid stubbornness to come between them, they knew they had to fight for their lives and they did. Linda Howard did a fantastic job creating fleshed out characters that were easy to relate to. Neither were perfect, but they were both very likeable- I would really like a Gabriel of my very own to come rescue me! I think she did an excellent job creating a sense of edge-of- the seat anticipation as they ran from the villains and fought for their own lives. She was also able to pack into there a believable romance between the two. I look forward to Ms. Howard next book, though I really hope its longer, as I so enjoy her storytelling abilities.

Re-Issued Review - Now in Paperback as of 11/23/2010 - $7.99!

Original review: 2009-12-29

Book Blurb for Ice : A Novel

’Tis the season for mistletoe and holly, Santa . . . and suspense. And the gift that keeps on giving is Ice: premier thriller author Linda Howard’s breathless tale of a man, a woman, and a battle for survival against an unforgiving winter–and an unrelenting killer. Oh what fun it is to read.

Gabriel McQueen has only just arrived home on holiday leave from the service when his county-sheriff father sends him back out again with new marching orders. A brewing ice storm, and a distant neighbor who’s fallen out of contact, have the local lawman concerned. So he enlists Gabriel to make the long haul to the middle of nowhere, and make sure Lolly Helton is safe and sound. It’s a trip the younger McQueen would rather not make given the bitter winter weather–and the icy conditions that have always existed between him and Lolly.

But there’s no talking back when your dad is the town’s top cop. And there’s no turning back when night falls just as Gabriel arrives–and discovers that the weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s frightful. Spotting strangers in Lolly’s home–one of them packing a weapon–is all it takes to kick Gabriel into combat mode. And his stealth training is all he needs to extract Lolly from the house without alerting her captors. But when the escape is discovered, the heat–and the hunt–are on. And the winter woods are nowhere to be once the ice storm touches down, dropping trees, blocking roads, and trapping the fleeing pair in the freezing dark.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25