Hunter's Fall

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Hunter's Fall

The Hunters, #2

After 500 years of loneliness, Nessa is ready to let go. She has suffered enough waiting for her love to come back to her. Now it's time to move onto the next plane.

Dominic is convinced he's going mad. He cannot understand the strange dreams and urges he has developed. He goes to Excelsior, hoping to figure out what's going on. Upon his arrival, things turn more mysterious, as now another layer is added to the strangeness already surrounding him.

Past-lives seem to mingle with the now. Before lost loves can be resolved, an evil needs to be taken care of.


Shiloh Walker twisted and turned characters and events into the spellbinding tale of HUNTER'S FALL. I was intrigued by Nessa and Dominic's relationship, wondering how Ms. Walker was going to pull everything together, especially since they spent a good portion of the book away from each other. Though their separation didn't stall the development of the characters and their relationship at all, in fact I felt that it deepened my understanding of them.

I loved how Ms. Walker delved into Nessa's struggling emotions, I could feel her despair, and completely understand why she was ready to give up everything. I loved when she realized what and who Dominic was, it was great to see her opening up. I also really like seeing Nessa battle, I loved the show of power and strength that she conveyed. It was also good to see Dominic realize he wasn't crazy, that there was an explanation for what had been happening to him.

As always, I eagerly await Shiloh Walker's next book, no matter what the genre, she is on the top of my auto-buy list.

Book Blurb for Hunter's Fall

Nessa lost her memory following a near-death experience. Dominic is a Hunter dealing with his own problems with memory and sanity. When the two are put together to battle the forces of darkness-while trying to restore what they've lost-their all-consuming passion becomes an even greater unknown.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.50