His Wicked Sins

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His Wicked Sins

Elizabeth Canham has accepted a teaching position at Burndale Academy to help support her family. Soon after her arrival to the academy she learns of a monster in the area, one who favors fair women with golden hair. Having faced unspeakable horrors in her past she is not immediately frightened by the tales.

Griffin Fairfax has done some terrible things, he is a self-proclaimed villain, never claiming to be a gentleman. It is whispered that he killed his first wife and drove his daughter to silence. He would like nothing more than to hear Isobel speak to him, but knowing what she has witnessed, he has little hope.

Elizabeth recognizes a kinship in Isobel. Having followed a similar path in her youth, she can't help but empathize, and try to help. In Griffin, she recognizes danger, but she also feels calm and safe in his company.

Together, can they conquer the monsters of the past? Or will past sins continue to haunt them?

Eve Silver weaved an extraordinary tale of mystery and romance. I loved the dark Gothic feel of HIS WICKED SINS. I was so engrossed in this story that I could clearly picture the scenes along with the accompanying musical scores as if I were watching a movie, as I read. Beth and Griffin each had their own horrors and ghosts in their pasts that they had mostly succeeded in overcoming, giving them a better understanding of each other. I liked them for their flaws and the strength they'd shown in overcoming their fears and anxieties.

I loved how images of the past were interwoven throughout the story giving us clues to the past. Another great thing about this book was that I was so far off in my guesses as to who the madman was, it was someone that I never even thought to expect. I love a mystery that I cannot immediately identify the villain. Ms. Silver did a great job casting shadows on various characters, including the hero, which really made me wonder.

Along with Gothic style historical romance and paranormal romance, Eve Silver also writes Sci-Fi romance as Eve Kenin. I cannot wait to pick up another one of her books by either pseudonym.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50