Her Secret Lover

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Her Secret Lover

The Aphrodite's Club Series - Book #2 - GABRIEL + ANTOINETTE'S STORY

Sent away to be a prisoner on a remote estate, Antoinette Dupre is desperate to keep hidden a letter, which will save her future. Along the way a masked highwayman, who distracts her enough to almost forget everything and awaken her desires, accosts her. When reality settles back in she is convinced that it is a set up to keep her in line, she finds herself alone and unable to trust anyone.
Gabriel Langley is determined to regain his inheritance, but the only way to do that, is to find a letter written by his mother. Certain that Antoinette is holding it; he will do anything to find it. The burning passion between them is an added bonus, can he us it to convince her to give up the letter? Though a multitude of misinterpretations Antoinette and Gabriel don't immediately discover that they share an enemy, inadvertently working against each other to combat the same enemy.
Sara Bennett did a wonderful job creating a story with appealing characters, whose sexual tension was well played out. While sometimes I find misunderstandings tedious and annoying, I didn't feet that at all here. I liked the mystery around Antoinette and Gabriel, and felt that it furthered along their attraction to each other, keeping them each off-balance. The chemistry between them totally clicked with me as a reader, I really liked each of them, they both have been wronged by the same man, and seek to rectify their situations, neither of them was going to just sit back and take what was handed to them. They also know that others will suffer if they can't resolve their issues. 

Book Blurb for Her Secret Lover

Desperate to save her reputation, the beautiful heiress Antoinette Dupre escapes to Wexmoor Manor, a country estate in Devon. But she gets more than she bargained for when she encounters a masked stranger who, with just one touch, awakens in her an irresistible desire.

Gabriel Langley is on a mission. Antoinette has a letter he needs to take back his family's ancestral home, and he is willing to go to any lengths to claim it—even seduce her. And though aware he is playing a dangerous game, he cannot resist returning to her bed in the shadow of darkness . . . to become her secret lover.

But when Gabriel's true identity is revealed, their passionate midnight interludes are threatened. And they must face a web of scandal and blackmail that could destroy their one chance for love . . .


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.25