Heart of Courage

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Heart of Courage

3rd book in Heart Trilogy

Lindsey Graham is an independent woman, a reporter for the ladies gazette Heart to Heart, and a crusader for social change. Now her biggest cause is the fair judgment of suspected criminals, mainly proving brother's innocence, who has been accused of murder. Embarking on her own inquiry, she is determined to find the real murderer, though not without risk to herself. 

Thor Draugr has appointed himself her bodyguard, irritated by the independent nature of Miss Graham, he will none the less do what he can in order to protect her. Preferring buxom, biddable girls, Thor is surprised by the desire he feels for Lindsey, neither of which is looking for a relationship. But will the danger they find themselves in bring them together? Or will their stubborn natures keep them apart?
This was a very enjoyable read. I'm an absolute sucker for a Viking warrior, and though this takes place in Victorian England, the premises of Thor's tale of growing up on an island unchanged since Viking times is a bit far-fetched and a fun and unique twist to the story. Also, while the independent Victorian woman seems to be a fairly cliched character trait, Kat Martin did a wonderful job making Lindsey likable and keeping the story fresh with Thor's unusual past. I liked watching their relationship grow while they fought off their attraction. 

Book Blurb for Heart of Courage

In 1850's London, opinionated ladies journalist, Lindsey Graham, is forced to enlist the aid of the big, stubborn, volatile Norseman, Thor Draugr, to help in her search to find a killer--and prove her brother's innocence. Though she and Thor are oil and water, Lindsey soon falls prey to her burning desire for the handsome warrior determined to protect her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25