Happy Ever After

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Happy Ever After

Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet Series #4

Parker Brown lives and breathes her job as Vows' manager and wedding planner, working with her three best friends, doing something she loves. Her life is fairly close to being perfect.

Former stuntman, Malcolm Kavanaugh is intrigued by Parker's no nonsense, take charge attitude. The way she can pull the craziest situations together and never lose her cool. He also wouldn't mind her long legs being wrapped around him.

Has she finally found someone to bring her her own Happily Ever After?


Nora Roberts did an amazing job bringing the Bride Quartet full-circle with Parker & Mal's story in HAPPY EVER AFTER. I've been eagerly awaiting their story, after watching them become aware of each other in the prior books. I was not disappointed.

I enjoyed how Mal and Parker throw each other off-kilter with their unexpected reactions to each other and the situations they were in. Their passion and emotion was complex and compelling. Mal had some major trust issues to work through, but Parker would not let him slide by, I adored her tenacity!

I loved the fast-paced dialogue, which flowed throughout the entire story. The interactions between Mrs. G, Mac, Laurel and Emma kept the series together, but not over-powering Mal & Parker's tale. I cried as I read Mac & Carter's wedding, and again when the girls surprised Parker with her dress. I laughed out loud when Mal put Linda in her place at the wedding.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00