Glitter Baby

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Glitter Baby

GLITTER BABY takes us through the life of Fleur Savagar, a dazzling model who can't see her own beauty. She only wants her father's approval and love, but that is denied to her by the secrets her mother holds. She allows her mother to push her into a lifestyle of fame. Until her mother finally pushes to far, causing her to give it all up, only to rise again. This time in a manner of her choosing, but can she stay on top, or will family secrets come out to destroy her and her loved ones?
Susan Elizabeth Phillips has written an engrossing tale of love and betrayal. She took me through an emotional journey as I followed Fleur's life. I loved watching Fleur's character grow and mature from a young naïve woman, eager for love, cried when her innocence was shattered, and cheered as she drew herself up from the ashes of her life, spreading her wings to soar higher than those around her could ever imagine. 
I thought all of the characters were well written and developed. I really hated how manipulative her mother, Belinda was. At the beginning of the story I was able to feel some sympathy for her, but soon I was disgusted by her actions and the emotional games she played. I felt Belinda got much of what she deserved. Her father Alexi was even worse, my heart tore with Alexi's final act of revenge. I enjoyed the turmoil between Jake and Fleur as they each had deeper issues to overcome before they could really love and understand one another. I loved how they were finally able to find their happiness in each other.
GLITTER BABY is a book that I will pick-up to read again, as I loved this story. This was a little heavier than many of Ms Phillips books, as the humor was toned down and the focus was more on Fleur's life than the romance between her and Jake. While Ms Phillips stories are usually emotional reads, she usually balances things out with laugh out loud humor, this book was more on the serious side.

Book Blurb for Glitter Baby

Fluer Savager stares out from the covers of the world's most glamorous magazines. Hollywood loves her, men adore her. So why does she leave it all behind?

The answer is buried in a French convent -- in her childhood. Secrets lurk there -- secrets she must unearth before someone else does. The question is, can she?

"Poignant and triumphant." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00