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Game Over

Video game designer, River Weston has created an elaborate virtual world of demons and warfare that any hardcore gamer would love to play, but there are a few glitches she hasn’t been able to work out. When she chances upon a code that may fix all the kinks, she decides to take a risky gamble, and enter the game alone. What she doesn’t expect is that her simulated world is perhaps a little too real, not only has her game changed, but so has her virtual partner, he seems to have gained a personality and attitude that previously wasn’t there.

Chase Hawkins has been living in limbo, literally, his body is being cryogenically stored, while his soul is imprisoned by the evil Dark Lord. After months of torture, Hawk is thrown into a new reality, forced to fight to save his soul and that of his new partner, River. Things are not as they seem, as Hawk realizes that there is more to River than a human soul the Dark Lord wants to capture.

Time is running out, can they survive the game?


Thrilling action and electrifying excitement fairly pulsed throughout GAME OVER, as River and Hawk fought to stay alive. I loved this book, it wasn’t just the nonstop adventure, but also the sexual tension, as River and Hawk fought to ignore their attraction, but inevitably they just couldn’t resist each other. I also loved that Ms. Keating kept me on the edge of my seat, I never would have guessed the outcome of the story.

I canNOT wait until May, when I can visit River and Hawk again in MIND GAMES. This is a couple that I will be eagerly following through their next adventures!

Book Blurb for Game Over

Video game designer River Weston is ready to sell her soul to smooth out the glitches in her latest project. When she unwittingly taps into a parallel dimension via cutting-edge technology, a Dark Lord is quick to take her up on her inadvertent offer. Trapped in the world she thought she’d created for her game, River finds herself in a very real alternate dimension that she must escape from before her soul can be used to unleash evil--upon this dimension and many others.

River’s only ally is the sexy and mysterious Chase Hawkins. A prisoner of the Dark Lord, Hawk is a man adrift—literally. His body safe at home under the watchful care of the Guardians’ scientists, his astral-traveling spirit has been enslaved by his people’s worst enemy, the Dark Lord. Clinging desperately to his sense of self, Hawk is determined to turn the tables on his captor before the connection to his body is lost. When the beautiful, achingly familiar River enters the picture, he vows he will do everything he can to save her from her bleak fate.

Drawn together with an inescapable force, Hawk and River must wrest her soul from the Dark Lord’s grasp before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00