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Reissue - March 4, 2008

Storm Bragg is the only daughter of Derek & Miranda Bragg. She has been raised with her brothers to be a strong woman with some rather tomboyish tenancies. Derek and Miranda feel it is time for Storm to visit her cousin, a member of San Francisco society. Where she can learn to be a lady and hopefully enjoy herself. Storm is apprehensive; she's just not sure that being a lady of society is for her. She looks forward to finishing her stay and going back to the family ranch in Texas.

Brett D'Archand is a successful businessman whose roots started at the bottom of the rungs of society. He's not looking for a wife, but when it is time she must be the cream of the crop, from the best bloodlines. When he sees the wildcat Storm, he can't help but want her, but knows that she is not for him or his future.

What will happen when circumstances force these two into a marriage neither desires?

Brenda Joyce is one of those authors that has the ability to write a novel that really grabs at my emotions. I was drug into the story of Storm and Brett from the start. Two very headstrong people coming together are bound to bring conflict, strife and sparks of passion.

As much as I liked Storm and Brett, sometimes I was a bit frustrated with their misunderstandings. Storm was an independent woman-child whose immaturity was evident in some of her thoughtless actions, though her age made them somewhat excusable, while some of Brett's actions were incredibly selfish and inconsiderate. The strongly written characters kept my attention from wandering and I wanted to see how Ms. Joyce would bring everything together by the end of the story.

Book Blurb for Firestorm

From the sensuous voice of novelist Brenda Joyce comes Firestorm, the extraordinary first book in the Bragg family saga that has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. Here is the beginning of the Bragg empire-opulent and glamorous-vast, dangerous, and as untamed as the sweeping plains of Texas... Storm Bragg could outshoot and outride any man, but her family decided it was time she traded in her buckskins for a ballgown and made her debut in San Francisco society. Quickly pursued by every eligible gentleman in town, the young hellcat from Texas had eyes for only one, and he was no gentleman. Brett D'Archand was a self-made success -- arrogant, impossibly attractive, blatantly sensual -- and looking for a wife who would give him respectability. Storm was completely bewitched by him, but she made him lose his head as well as his heart. And, threatened by scandal and ruin, they are forced to wed -- a tempestuous union of free spirits, shackled only by the irrepressible bonds of love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75