Captive Desires

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Captive Desires

Danae Livingstone is a successful dancer, but that is not her only passion, she is a popular fanfic author of erotic stories revolving around the fantasy world of Torhtremer, most especially the warrior, Alekhisy. Only once a year do her worlds merge, at GriffinCon, a huge sci-fi convention. GriffinCon is much more exciting this year, as she realizes that what most take as pure fantasy is actually becoming reality for her.

Alekhsiy has come to Earth to save his world from the evil Azherbhai, who is determined to destroy Torhtremer. Landing in the midst of GriffinCon is a convenient cover for his appearance. Meeting Danae is an added bonus, but can she help save his world from the sinister Azherbhai? Together they will fight to save their worlds with magic, steel, and an ingeniousness writers creativity.


CAPTIVE DESIRES is succulent tale full of action, adventure, fantasy and passion. The chemistry between Alekhsiy and Danae sears the pages. Unfortunately I had a difficult time getting into this book from the start. I was put off with Danae's quick acceptance of Alekhsiy being her warrior from Torhtremer. I felt that it would have added some depth and believability to the story if he had had to work a bit to prove who he was and why he was now in her world, but her practically falling on her knees to worship him immediately just didn't work for me. I was also put off with how easily she fell into bed with him. Yes, I know that this is an erotic romance, and I enjoy many erotic romances, but the rush to bed didn't click for me. I also enjoy fantasy, but with that, I still need plausible situations that can pull me into the world. There was just to much silliness that I found hard to process and enjoy.

Book Blurb for Captive Desires

The national bestselling mistress of erotica returns to the fantasy world of Captive Dreams--and she's raising the temperature even more.

Danae Livingston is an author of scorching tales about a fantasy realm inhabited by her favorite hero, Alekhsiy. Now an obsessed fan wants her to rewrite her novels to his own twisted liking and have the legendary villain win. Little does she realize, but Alekhsiy is more real than she dreamed, and he's the only one who can save her as fantasy and reality merge, swords and sorcery cross, and the sensual world of her vivid imagination becomes the most impossible one of all to resist-or escape.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 2.75