Candy Kisses

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Candy Kisses

Candy Warner has come back to her hometown for her best friends wedding, and to start a new chapter in her life. She is planning to start a new business and to find a young trainable lover. Mitch Hammond is far from trainable. But since he saved her from her prom date so many years ago, Candy has had a thing for him. He is still trying to protect her, but now he sees her as a woman, one he wants as his own.

Candy decides to give this Alpha Male a go, knowing that only with him can she find fulfillment, even if he won't let her lead him around. But will her ex-fianc‚ or a gang of local thieves compromise her safety and their budding relationship?

The passion between Candy and Mitch was hot; Honey Jans did a great job creating their personalities and the emotions between them. I really liked Candy's sassiness and Mitch's take-control attitude and felt that they were great for each other. The passion and desire between them was HOT! My only disappointment was the suspense element in the story. It wasn't bad, but something about it just didn't click with me.

Book Blurb for Candy Kisses

Candy Warner comes home after a triple whammy of disasters, she's lost her job, her fianc‚e, and had her condo broken into all within a matter of weeks. Now she's come up with a plan to reinvent herself. The first item on her to do list is to find the perfect lover. As a former personnel director, she's already decided on his qualifications; he has to be young and trainable, let her take the lead, and most importantly he has to be able to make her come.

Her well-laid plans go awry when the police suspect her of breaking into the cabin she's rented for the summer. Tackled, and lying under a very male body, if his erection is anything to go by, she gazes up at Mitch Hammond and wants to die. If there was anyone she didn't want to see or be felt up by, it was the stud she'd thrown herself at ten years ago. He doesn't even meet her qualifications. He's too old, too bossy, and way too Alpha Male.

Detective Mitch Hammond is amused to find that the burglar he's tackled is sexy Candy Warner. His body throbs against her soft curves and he knows that he has to have her. When he finds out about her quest to find a lover, and learns that he won't fit the bill, he's annoyed. He bends to kiss her, proving that he fits at least one of her qualifications; he can make her come. But can he keep her safe from the burglars who've been plaguing the area? Will Mitch be able to convince Candy that he's the man for the job? To find out read Candy Kisses.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50