Blaze of Lightning Roar of Thunder

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Blaze of Lightning Roar of Thunder

Louisa Rodriguez has lost everything. A band of scalp-hunters charged into her village, killing everyone, and nearly killing her also. Being the sole survivor has changed her life of happiness to one of vengeance. Deciding to never look back, she vows to avenge her family, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.

When Ring Crossman first lays eyes on the wild woman in the middle of nowhere, he doesn't know what to think. In need of a doctor for his friend, Sandy, he asks if she can help. Agreeing, she takes them into her home. When Ring asks what her name is, she tells him that she no longer has one. Not wanting to call her "hey you" Ring decides that Blaze is a fitting name for her, both in spirit and because of the jagged white streak that runs through her hair. Blaze and Ring begin a friendship that they are unsure of what direction it is moving.

Bane is on the road of revenge himself, looking for the scared white man who raped his Apache mother. When Blaze and Bane realize they are after the same man, they decide to hunt their prey together.

BLAZE OF LIGHTNING ROAR OF THUNDER had the makings of a great emotional read, but because the dialog was so jumpy and never really flowed, it was hard for me to bond with Blaze and Bane or the plot. I felt that the story skipped too much. I mean, I'm not looking for the day-to-day drudgery of life, and I'm okay if a book skips ahead into the future once or twice in the story, but there was just too much for this story. Blaze and Bane were supposedly bounty hunters, traveling together across the west, but we never really got to see them do anything together, other than a scene here and there.

Helen A. Rosburg has thought up a great plot, I'm just not satisfied with how she mixed the story together. I liked Blaze and I liked Bane, but their chemistry was lackluster.

I would have liked to have seen more interaction between them. It just felt like their emotions and feelings were skimmed over. I believe that to many intricate things were omitted in their relationship, creating a disconnect for me from the story.

Book Blurb for Blaze of Lightning Roar of Thunder

Louisa Rodriguez is in the desert gathering fuel when the scalp hunters come, massacre her family and all the people of her village, shoot her, and leave her for dead. After regaining consciousness, she buries the people she loves, strips off her bloody clothes, and walks naked into the mountains, where she sheds all traces of her former identity—except for the hatred she feels towards the scalpers. In the western wilderness, she meets horse wrangler Ring Crossman, who names her Blaze and falls in love with her, knowing that all her heart seeks is revenge. When their path crosses with the vengeful Bane, a destructive storm consumes them all.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 2.50