Before the Scandal

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Before the Scandal

(The Notorious Gentleman, Book #2) - Historical Romance (Regency)

Lieutenant Colonel Phineas Bromley, is known as a heroic and well-respected British Officer, but at his family home, Quence Park, he is seen as a irresponsible, trouble-making, rake. He feels great guilt for the role he played in his brother's crippling injury ten years earlier, but does not know how to redeem himself in his family's eyes, and is not sure that he is even worthy of it.

On a visit home Phin learns that someone is trying to ruin his family. The only way to discover what is going on is to disguise himself as a legendary highwayman, and rob some of the local gentry of information.

Alyse Donnelly was once the daughter of a viscount, a lady of the manor. Now she is the companion of the new viscount's mother, nothing more than a poor relation and a servant.

Alyse and Phin were great childhood friends. Now they have the chance to help each other, as Alyse has access to information that can help discover who is out to destroy his family, and Phin wants his friend to have a better life. Will they find love with all the disapproval around them? Can they discover who his family enemy is and what their true agenda is?

Suzanne Enoch did a great job with BEFORE THE SCANDAL, I love how the plot and characters flow together. Phin and Alyse are perfect for each other, they have both endured scandal and hardship, and are able to understand each other because of it. They are both very likable and I enjoyed watching them discover each other and themselves, and watching their relationship grow.

The villains are easily identified, but the reasoning behind the trouble is a little harder to figure, and I like how Ms. Enoch worked the mystery.

I also like seeing Sullivan and Bram again, and catching a glimpse of Bram's fear of being to close to Phin's sister, Elizabeth, an innocent, respectable lady. I can't wait to read Bram's story, he seems to be treading a dangerous line in each of these stories, I curious to see how he is kept from crossing-over to be a complete loss.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50