Beauty's Curse

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Beauty's Curse

Boadicea Series Book 2

Galiana Montehue is sought after for her great beauty. She despairs ever finding true love, for all men seen to get stupid the moment they lay eyes on her. When her parents leave her in charge of the keep while they go to visit her sister, she is thrilled with the chance to show that she is mature and responsible enough for the task. But her mischievous younger brothers draw her into a snowball fight into the forest. When she sees a knight baring down on her brother, she throws a rock, downing the knight. Her intent was to just to save her younger brother. Soon she finds herself and the entire keep prisoner of the knight's men, who demand she nurse him back to health, or else.

Rourke Wallis is intent to find the Breath of Merlin, a mythical stone, for King William. Felled by a maiden, he's shocked to awaken without sight. But ways most on his mind is his goal to find the stone, though the lovely nurse who is bringing him back to health is an added bonus.

Galiana is stumped on how to deal with a man who doesn't fall over himself because of her looks, its a refreshing, if slightly annoying change. Soon though she finds herself in the middle of court intrigue and fighting a passion, which is futile to resist. Can Rourke reach his ambitions with this country maiden, or will he set her aside?

BEAUTY'S CURSE was a captivating story full of passion, drama and intrigue. I loved the complex characters and events that brought this story together. Galiana has to prove that she is more than a beautiful face, and with Rourke not able to see her, she is at first pleased to finally find someone who can't judge her by her looks, though after a while, she is a bit annoyed with his comments that she is anything but gorgeous.

Usually I hate court intrigue of any kind, but I found that it wasn't drawn out into many misunderstandings in this story and I really enjoyed how it all played out. I also enjoyed secondary characters, and would love to see Jamie Fitzhugh with his own story. I look forward to reading more by Traci E. Hall, she is a talent that I had not before discovered, but will definitely search out for from now on.

Book Blurb for Beauty's Curse

Defending her twin brothers from Rourke’s drawn sword, she must live with the horrible debilitating consequences of her attack as she nurses the honorable knight. For the first time, she experiences a man’s sincere affection and genuine integrity. In his dark and depressing internal prison, Rourke discovers a depth of passion impossible to find in the superficial realm of medieval fashion and visual charms. The gentle touch of her warm, delicate hands and the arousing lavender scent of her vibrant body awaken in Rourke a fervor he cannot deny. Galiana entices him like no other, drawing him into a tactile, sensual haven.
Yet the fulfillment of his desire must wait until the completion of his mission. Stolen from King William’s treasures, the magical Breath of Merlin must be recovered. This mysterious stone from antiquity contains supernatural power that royalty will fight to possess. Together they must unlock the secret to this dangerous, mystical gem, or face a future without the love they so recently discovered.
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