Assassin's Honor

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Assassin's Honor

The Order of the Sicari series, #1

The murder of archeologist Emma Zale's mentor is eerily similar to the murders of her parents five years earlier, can their deaths be connected with their research and belief of a mythical ancient society of assassins, the Sicari? While Emma has always been a bit skeptical of the existence of the Sicari, she is quickly faced with the reality that they are more than a myth. First there is the relic which she touched that spoke it's past to her, showing her a glimpse of an ancient mysterious life. There is the mysterious man who has entered into her life.

When Ares DeLuca, Legatus of the Sicari's Chicago guild, discovers that Emma can “read” the ancient artifacts that she touches, he realizes that she is a real danger. Not only to the Sicari, but also to herself, as she is now the target of the Sicari's enemy, the Praetorian. Can they work together to disassemble the enemy and protect the future of the Sicari? Both have suffered the pains of love lost, can they learn to trust each other enough to open their hearts and feelings to one another?

ASSASSIN'S HONOR is a non-stop, action packed, thrilling beginning of a new paranormal series. Monica Burn's weaves a wonderful tale, building a mythical world and blending it beautifully with modern civilization. I loved her voice, it was so full of passion and adventure. The characters she created were fascinating and the sense that I could feel their emotions and was pulling for them to come through till the very end, and beyond. I loved how she has twisted Roman history into the storyline, I've always been intrigued by Roman, Greek and Egyptian history, so this is a great addition to the plot from my point of view.

The sizzling chemistry between Ares and Emma scorched the pages as they fought their attraction until they could no longer deny themselves. When they finally did succumb to their desires, they suffered from classic misunderstandings, that would have been easily solved if either of them had let up on their stubbornness. Regardless, I was eager for them to overcome their hurdles and find their happiness.

This was my first step into Monica Burns' fictional world, but it will not be my last, as I eagerly await the Phae and Lysander's story in ASSASSIN'S HEART...but I have to wait until September. Boo-hoo. :o)

Book Blurb for Assassin's Honor

A sexy new adventure-packed romance with a paranormal twist-from the award-winning author. 
Archeologist Emma Zale sees the past when she touches relics. It's how she uncovered evidence of an ancient order of assassins-the Sicari. When a sinfully dark stranger shows up on her Chicago doorstep demanding an artifact she doesn't have, he drags her into a world where telekinesis and empaths-someone who can sense the emotions of others- are the norm. Now someone wants her dead, and her only hope of survival is an assassin who's every bit as dangerous to her body as he is to her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50