Always Look Twice

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Always Look Twice

Book #3 Callahan

Mark Callahan and Annabelle Monroe have a heated history. They served together in an elite military team and were briefly married, which ended with Mark's inability to commit to settling down and starting a family. Now that their team is threatened, they are forced back together. Can they work together to catch the killer in time? Will they fight the passion between them, and if so, can Mark let go of his past emotional chains?
There were too many plot devices used to keep me seriously into this story. I found Mark to be immature and selfish. The fact that he was hung up on grieving for a loss he had suffered 18 years earlier and wasn't willing to move on really irked me. Mark's grieving, making him too scared to commit was my biggest annoyance, and I really didn't care for how it was resolved. Why didn't Mark look further into the death of his wife and daughter? As deep as his grief was, I felt he would have visited a grave site to place flowers on or just visit in remembrance or sorrow, at least once, but apparently the author didn't feel that he would care enough to do such a thing, which I think left a huge gap in his emotional development. I felt that Ms. Dawson should have had him coming to grips with his loss earlier into the story, in order to move Mark and Annabelle into the next step of their relationship, instead, I found that when he did resolve his pain, it was done in a way that I felt was extremely rushed, and, in fact took away from the importance of the event.  
Annabelle was a character that I just didn't click with. There was just something about her that left me not really caring what happened to her. On one hand she is strong and independent, yet on the other hand, she is very insecure and weak willed. I felt that it would have done Mark some good, if she could have resisted him more and not practically fell right into his arms.
Also, I found the plots of the two different people out to kill their team poorly constructed. I found it implausible and didn't feel that their storyline was well planned. We never really got to know any of the team to care enough about them other than a passing, hmm, sorry to see someone died, but there was no emotion in that.   I wasn't surprised by who the second antagonist was, but I especially wasn't satisfied with how the person was convicted, it was way to hurried for my tastes.

Book Blurb for Always Look Twice

When Mark Callahan discovers that someone is murdering the members of his former unit, he must join forces with the only team member more  dangerous than himself: His estranged wife, Annabelle Monroe. After a  messy break-up like theirs, tensions--and passions--are certain to flare.

Now a private investigator, Annabelle would rather trade in her gun for  a slingshot than partner with the man who shattered her heart. But she  can’t deny her old loyalties—or the sudden threat to their safety. So  together, she and Mark will follow the bloody trail of a killer, only to  come face-to-face with betrayal—and an overpowering desire that never died …

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 2.75