A Wicked Lord at the Wedding

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A Wicked Lord at the Wedding

When Eleanor Prescott, an army field doctor's daughter and assistant met the soldier, Sebastien Boscastle, they were both quickly swept away by the passion and knew that their future was to be shared. Though shortly after their wedding Sebastien is caught up into a game of military espionage that forces him to leave his wife behind. Ignored for so long, Eleanor decides to delve into a bit of spying to fill her empty hours. Now Sebastien is back, and he wants his wife back. Is he willing to play the game with her? Can they recapture their passion and learn to trust and love each other again?

A WICKED LORD AT THE WEDDING is an amusing read. I found both Sebastien and Eleanor very likable, and while they were mostly sensible, there were a few times that I was annoyed with Eleanor's insistence to follow through with her spying. I felt that it was silly of her to put herself in the dangerous situations for a reason as little as amusing herself. It wasn't a matter of national security or to save somebody's life, it just seemed a bit selfish of her to continue on only to irk Sebastien...not that he didn't need to make-up to her for deserting her for so long. He deserved every bit of doubt he had.

All that said, I do believe that anyone who enjoys Regency romances, will also enjoy reading this. The characters are well written, and while this is part of the Boscastle series, it is easily read as a stand-alone.

Book Blurb for A Wicked Lord at the Wedding

A witty and inviting tale of secrets, seduction, and scorching passion from award-winning author Jillian Hunter.

What is a neglected wife to do while her husband disappears on clandestine missions and unknown gambits? Play the spy game herself, if only to fill lonely nights once flush with erotic delight. When Eleanor Prescott married the handsome infantry officer who pursued her between missions, she anticipated anything but a six-year estrangement. Now the enigmatic husband who fired her body with his sensual touch is back–to woo her, win her, and unwrap all her secrets.

Sebastien Boscastle is prepared for battle when it comes to his crumbling marriage, but not to catch his wife prowling about the night in disguise. And yet Eleanor’s game of espionage and seduction only heightens his devilish desire to reclaim every inch of her. From the back alleys of London to the silken sheets of the marital bed, Sebastien inflicts the sweetest of sensual assaults, ready to possess everything Eleanor is willing to surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.50