White Collar Option

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White Collar Option

White Collar Option is a good suspense novel centered around the US financial crisis; the involvement of the Chinese government and financial tax havens. The drama builds through the book. The chapters are short providing easy reading.

Mike McCabe, a British journalist with the London Daily Herald, is on special assignment in Washington to investigate the attempted murder of John Rochester, owner of the London Daily Herald. Scott Edmunds, a prominent editor of the Herald whose moves are unpredictable to say the least, has given McCabe the assignment. Unknowing to McCabe he is to also investigate the murder of a US senator, Charles McKinsey, who was heavily involved in US financial policies. The Chinese government who is concerned about the US financial crisis and mounting debts also adds more drama to these mysterious incidents. McCabe has to solve the puzzle to determine if these two incidents are linked in any way; are there other parties involved such as the British Ambassador's daughter or McCabe's associate, Brook Lawrence? Can they assist with answers to both incidents and provide the missing links? A US government analyst who is involved in wading through tedious sessions of government papers knows a lot of the financial dealing taking place but cannot come to grips in assisting McCabe due to fear for his own life.

Book Blurb for White Collar Option

The story is a political thriller which takes place in London and Washington. The shooting of US senator Charles McKinsey and the near fatal car crash of media tycoon John Rochester trigger an investigation by reporter Mike McCabe.

The story that unfolds is a thrilling contemporary tale of violence, political intrigue, conspiracy and duplicity, involving power, the banks, the security agencies and basic human frailty.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50