Fear, Faith, & Glory in a Journey Across Asia

What is life? Why are we alive? What are the factors that must be considered about why we are alive? This book is a journey through one's life and understanding what the author as a person is going through. You experience all of his life's pains from parents being divorce to being bullied by his kin. At one time he was even contemplating suicide in his early childhood years as he was neglected by his parents. Through his adulthood he traveled to various countries on the Asian continent and experienced different ways of living life. This book is more of a log of the author’s personal life experiences.

I found this books contents more or less bland although there were some spots containing some good philosophical guidance.

Book Blurb for Travelphan

The fact that you are alive means that against all odds, the universe has conspired to work in your favor. Every close call with death has been avoided, not only for you, but for your parents and their grandparents and their ancestors for as long as we have been.

Millions, billions of families’ flames of life have been put out over time, yet your fire burns strong.

Realize that in this present moment that you are alive. You have been granted the gift of life. This gift is yours. Your life is yours. The present is yours.

Ask yourself this now:

why am I alive?

Note from the author:

Travelphan is a diary of my life story. The entirety of it was written between January and July . All entries made during that time are 99%, if not 100% accurate in terms of date. All entries made prior to then are written after the fact, so some dates are estimated. Additionally, some names have been changed. Other than that, the content of this book is true.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 2.50