Track Three

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Track Three

John H. Gibson’s Track Three is action packed and flows throughout. The overall suspense and story plot was well written.

About the Story:

Elliot Lawder a newspaper reporter was sent to London on a wild goose chase mission. Not knowing the full details, his boss gave him no option. Once in London he quickly found out what was his real mission - he had to keep himself from getting killed and also protecting Katherine Lambert who seems to hold all the answers as to why they are being sought after by the FBI.

Victor Briley met Abigail Newcomb at work and the rest more or less a disaster. With Abigail having a bouncing baby girl, she was draining him dry with expenses with all the accessories that go with having a baby and an expensive girlfriend. With a family of his own, Victor is being pulled in both directions of beyond frustration. Then up comes the FBI with a proposal to provide some financial buffer to Victor. The proposal however will come at a price. The FBI wants Victor's newspaper agency to assist with some cross border work since his agency has some star reporters working for him. Does Victor have any choice in the matter? He assigns his prized reporter, Elliott Lawder to the job. Elliott being hesitant at first had no choice in the matter but what was the mission? Elliot himself was not sure since he was only given vague details. Could Elliot be placing his life at risk?

If this storyline has pulled you in I recommend you pick up this book.

Book Blurb for Track Three

In I Come along for the ride when a popular and top-rated investigative journalist, Elliott Lawder, and Katherine Lambert, a street-wise black British street urchin, are thrown together by the untimely death of an NSA Systems Analyst. Follow the adventure of our hero and heroine as the story moves at break-neck speed from Washington to London to Brussels to The Netherlands as the two attempts to discover the answer to why every US Security Agency, including the NSA and the CIA, are trying to kill them. TRACK THREE is a winner in the same thrilling tradition as John Gibson's first political suspense Super Thriller, DUMMY. TRACK THREE, coming soon - a tremendous read, even if it does keep you up all day and half the night. About the Author: John H Gibson was employed in the high-tech Engineering field for over 25 years. Growing up in Rochester, NY, while attending college, he found writing when he came to the conclusion that he could write as well as some of the authors he was reading from the local Barnes & Noble. Moving around the country for his work, he began writing thrillers as a diversion. It wasn’t long before the diversion became an obsession. His first novel DUMMY, hopefully soon to be republished by Oak Tree Press, is an amazing tale of political intrigue, sudden death and a spy-chase that moves from New York City to Atlantic City to Washington, DC to San Francisco. His second novel, to be released Christmas of 2015 also by Oak Tree Press, is TRACK THREE, another chilling political thriller, infested with unique characters from our hero Elliott Lawder, a crack investigative reporter, to the CIA and bad FBI agents, to creepy politicians, to a very unique black female London street urchin. John has traveled extensively, around the country and the world, and currently resides and writes in Washington State near Seattle.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50