The Time Trading Guru

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The Time Trading Guru

What is a Time Trader? The answer has nothing to do with the stock exchange. How can you define wealth? Are you into multitasking? You think that doing multiple things at once makes you efficient? The information presented in this book will enlighten you into becoming a master at pulling the levers of life, to dream and to trade yourself to a more rewarding life, full of experiences, relationships and no regrets-that is what make you a Time trader. This book presents a number of key tools which will allow you to change perceptions and continually get to create the life you want simply by pulling the levers of life; Keys to making life simple and understanding is what happiness is all about. Life can be extinguished in the flash of a second so it is best to live life instead of waiting for retirement to enjoy life.

This book is not designed as a quick read, every chapter needs to be read in detail and absorbed. The book also goes on to discuss a new management technique instead of using the old school approach that so long as an employee is at the desk, she is being productive; it also provides a special tool to eliminate multitasking. This book provides excellent case studies and simple exercises which will captivate the reader's interest.

Book Blurb for The Time Trading Guru

The Time Trading Guru is about getting more out of life and opens the door to how you can embrace the time trading principles of time, flexibility, and money to trade that ‘work’ and wasted time into ‘value’ time by leveraging life breaks. I lay out the time trading formula giving you a blueprint to living life more fully. Through my writing, I will share with you how to use the levers of life: time, flexibility, and money to escape the workplace, take ‘life breaks‘ and start living again.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00